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Though you may not be happy with the size of your breasts, it’s important to realize that you can do a lot to maximize your natural assets simply by adjusting the way you dress. Making breasts appear larger doesn’t always mean putting on a heavily padded or extreme push-up bra. Keep in mind that while more padding can make your breasts appear larger, you may do better to seek out bras with more lift and support. Halter-neck tops and dresses flatter a small chest by emphasizing the back and pulling attention away from the bust area.

Before breast augmentation became mainstream in Hollywood, makeup artists were skilled in creating the illusion of larger breasts for movie actresses.
If you want the very best in breast enhancement, call our Long Island or Manhattan offices to schedule a complimentary consultation. There are other ways to dress up a smaller chest to give it the appearance of being larger.
There are several options for enhancement including saline, silicone gel, or gummy bear cohesive gel silicone breast implants, as well as fat transfer to the breasts.

During your visit, you will learn more about breast implants costs, your candidacy, types of implants to choose from, natural breast augmentation with fat, and you’ll get to know our highly-qualified New York plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
Avoid extremely low-cut tops as these emphasize a smaller chest, and instead go for texture, volume, asymmetry, and other visually interesting details.

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