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Higgs particle (field) is said to fill all space, and act as "resistance" (= mass) for electrons, W bosons, and quarks. But in the accelerator, trillions of collisions is said to be needed for generating a single Higgs particle.
If Higgs acts as resistance to electrons, an electron moving at constant velocity easily stops by infinite Higgs, even when there are no other forces around it. Unfortunately, the present standard model can NOT answer these inconsistent phenomena at all.
If you try to seek those reasons in the string theory, you will find the string theory can NOT give answers you want. The relativistic quantum field theory such as standard model is very abstract "math", and has NO concrete images.
And due to the very strict restriction of general relativity, the string theory is more abstract and unrealistic than the standard model.
The standard model can NOT predict anything of 20 parameters, furthermore, the string theory contains as much as 10500 different theories ( most of them are "unreal" theories ). This means the string theory, a final form of the present physics, is very unrealistic and has NO power to predict anything. Besides the strange string theory, the present quantum theory did NOT gain the approvals of great figures in the physics.
And Dirac was very unsatisfied with the quantum electrodynamics (QED), which gives infinity. But other quantum gravity theories such as loop quantum gravity (LQG) can NOT unify the quantum mechanics and the general relativity.
As shown on top page, all these miserable situations were caused by the very complicated three-body problems in 1920s. But if they try to criticize the string theory, they should show other better theories which replace it. So if the law of nature obeys the principle of relativity, the gravitational force needs to be expressed as a relativistically "covariant" form.
Even if the vacuum of the outer space includes a few charged particles ( without "aether" ), they are NOT enough to control the very huge stars without new concept of gravity. And if the general relativity is wrong, how do you explain about the time dilation of gravity and the light bending by the gravity ? If you try to explain these things using the "ether" density difference around the stars, it means the special relativity itself is wrong.
In the string theory, they use the wrong math of zeta function in calculating the vacuum energy. And as shown on this page, the comformal field theory in the string uses the artificial Grassmann number to determine the very important dimensions of our world. These definitions were introduced by our human beings, which do not mean the law of nature. And "spinor", 720o rotation and anticommutation relation of fermions are the same as the usual quantum field theory.
So we cannot know about strange spin and the mysterious force which causes Pauli exclusion principle, even if we study the string theory.
In some version, open rings appear, which express electron and positron at both ends of photon. But the string theory can not give more concrete mechanism about how an electron distinguishes a positron from other positive particles. As shown on this page, the photon generated from the fusion of electron and positron, violates special relativity in all frames. Some people say if the standard Higgs particle is found, we have nothing to study about the particle physics.
But as I said above, the present theory have NOT showed clear explanations about various things such as spin, virtual particles and antiparticle's properties.

The "complicated" Christoffel symbols and covariant derivatives cause various divergences in QFT. If we try to eliminate various troublesome divergences, the new interaction appears (= Fig.8, right ). This means "macroscopic" gravitational relation is also broken, when we try to renormalize it.
Basically, these divergences originates in the very strict relativistic restrictions of "symmetry".
To satisfy the Lorentz invariance (= Lorentz symmetry ), Lagrangian which generates the equation of motion must contain various "path integral" from infinity to infinity. But from the observers moving at various velocities, this sphere is Lorentz contracted in one direction, which is NOT symmetric, either. According to the relativity, we must deal with the time and space equally, which removes reality from the relativistic quantum field theory (QFT). Under the very limited condition of the relativity, they created "gauge" symmetric theory to explain the standard model. As shown in Fig.11, the superstring theory uses "1" dimensional string ( 1 space + 1 time = 2 dimension ) instead of point particle. In this string, we can manipulate the various math terms, variables and coefficients to remove divergences.
The reason why they use this simple and strange 1+1-dimensional string is due to very strict relativistic symmetry. So if a thing is moving at the constant velocity along the line of σ (= uniform linear motion ), it does NOT generate "centrifugal force" in the worldsheet. But from the viewpoint of the background Minkowski spacetime, this circular motion causes centrifugal force, so if there are no external force, this object is flying away to different dimension ! So this string theory includes self-contradiction from the beginning, which is explained later. And in the conformal field theory ( this page ), the space integral of 1-dimensional ring can be considered as complex integral of closed curve.
In QFT, we often integrate the exponential function with respect to some variables from minus infinity to infinity to satisfy Lorentz symmetry. In Fig.13, electrons are at lattice points, and the photons (= vector potential A ) are the bonding lines between them.
So in all spaces without loops, there are no concepts such as "space" coordinate of x, y and z, as shown in Fig.15. Generalized coordinate transformation of general relativity resembles gauge transformation. In this very limited space, the invariance under coordinate transformation can be treated like gauce invariance. The problems are these strange and special loops can not be used in the ordinary QED and gauge theory. General relativistic condition is the strongest, so if we consider general relativity, this theory doesn't satisfy ordinary quantum theory.
And it is difficult to accept the idea that this world is made only of these loops ( including time and space ).
As shown on this page, the metric tensor in the general relativity can be changed into usual Minkowski metric tensor (= η ) under some coordinate transformation. So this action is scalar, which doesn't change under coordinate transformation of general relativity. The action of Eq.40 (right side) is invariant under the following transformation (= Weyl symmetry ).
So the string theory can NOT answer more fundamental mechanisms inside the quantum physics.
This means I,J = 0,0, this creation operator creates "minus" energy (= minus number ), which is NOT real. To avoid this serious situation, this unreal value of zero component needs to be cancelled out by another 1 component.

If we try to cancel this infinity "artificially", this theory does NOT satisfy relativistic symmetry. So when the string does not satisfy "supersymmetry" (= boson = fermion ), the string theory becomes 26 dimensions with tachyon !
To keep symmetric, the excited energies need to be equal in left-moving and right-moving strings. And the first excited pair of particles with zero mass in Eq.87 means tensor fields (= gravitons ). The backgound tensors (= XIJ and gIJ ) can be expressed using 2-D string left and right-moving strings.
When this tensors bind to energy-momentum tensor (=TIJ) to form scalar, this means the gravity acting on the mass. When the metric tensor (= g ) in the background spacetime is a function of 2-D string variables, this means curved spacetime. So this corresponds to the case in which the photon is bent by the graviational time dilation. Unfortunately, these are only math and NOT real, and they can NOT show us concrete and clear images about the gravitons and other particles. To erase "tachyon", and reduce "dimensions", string theory needs to include symmetric "fermions". To distinguish bosons and fermions, we need to define periodic boundary condition (= R sector ) and antiperiodic boundary conditions (= NS sector ). So supersymmetric particle is caused by the condition that Lagrangians of bosons and fermions are packed into one action S.
So even the final basic form of the superstring can not explain what half-integer spin really is. Eq.90 means the origin of anticommutation (= Pauli exclusion principle ) remains a riddle even in the superstring theory. But unfortunately, these are only "math", and do you think these mathematical tricks are real world ?? According to this book ( The Trouble with Physics, Lee Smolin ), there are too many geometric structure of the extra dimensions in the superstring theory. This means the present string theory (and 11-D M theory ) can NOT predict the experimental results at all. But if any new theory which can replace the superstring theory does not appear, all they can chose was the string theory as unifying theory. But to correct this state in physics ( + quantum chemistry and molecular biology ), we have to go back as far as to Bohr model, as shown in top page. What I am worrying about now is the possibility that the researcher's intentions may change the experimental results, as shown in faster-than-light neutrino.
So it is possible that we will hear the news that "unreal" supersymmetric particles are found.
String Theory vs Quantum Loop MousepadString thoery or Loop Quantum Gravity - which is the future of physics? Cosmologie relativiste relativite generale principe cosmologique (homogeneite, isotropie) fluides parfaits Modeles de Friedmann-Lemaitre. Donc lunivers se refroidit: comme Aujourdhui T ~ 3 K a t = 1 seconde T = 1 MeV Fusions nucleaires possibles Le big bang est chaud Les elements legers (D,He, Li) formes dans les 3 premieres minutes ! Composition quasi-identique dans toutes les directions Domination extreme de l'hydrogene (90% des noyaux) et de l'helium (10%), les autres elements ne sont presents qu'a l'etat de traces Abondance des elements dans lunivers Gamow : Tous les elements sont synthetises lors du big bang. When ω is not 1, the acceleration of R is NOT zero, which contradicts the constant radius R. We depend on revenue from ads to keep the site running, and we always make sure they're not intrusive.

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