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Before you begin with Top Producer CRM, you should properly configure Mozilla Firefox for a seamless Top Producer experience. Configuring your browser to open Top Producer pop-ups in tabs rather than launching new browser windows makes navigating between windows easier.
The Top Producer Web address can now be accessed by clicking Bookmarks from the toolbar and choosing your Top Producer bookmark. If you want to Edit a preference, right-click on it and select Modify as shown in the picture below. To add a preference, right-click anywhere in the browser window and select New and then the type of preference you wish to add. If you want to edit the configuration file to review and change any settings, you can follow this tutorial.
Your Top Producer windows will display as tabs on a single browser window, instead of hiding them on the Windows taskbar.

When the users close Firefox and restart it it will be updated to the latest version without notifying them, that is just what we wanted.It would be nice if the update is being applied when the users close the browser, but I didn't figure out if that is possible. She 66 and pretty good online etc but I still do maintenance tasks for her about once a month to keep the laptop running. Run Mozilla FireFox, and enter a special Website address "about:config" in the address field.
If a setting has a boolean value, like "true" or "false", you can change the value by double click the setting. Top Producer Campus is the official support and training website for Top Producer Products. With this deployment I also made a custom Mozilla.cfg file to enable automatic updates, the wish is to allow silent updates. Receive support and training on Top Producer CRM, Market Snapshot, Websites, IDX, and real estate best-practices.

As an extension to Top Producer Technical Support, real estate agents and REALTORS® will find real estate self help topics, video tutorials, training resources, and contact information for local real estate trainers. On Top Producer Campus, agents with Top Producer real estate solutions have access to quality real estate coaching, real estate training, real estate videos, and information about Top Producer's real estate technology.
Hard drive is only 25% full because my Mum likes things clean and simple, so that's how I keep it for her.Any ideas?When I look at task manager I can't see any anti-virus software running.

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