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If I Pass This Way Again – So Reed Richards Just Gets a Pass For His Clone of Thor Killing Goliath?
From superhero reunions to mythical monsters making a comeback, here are some of the big-ticket movie events to watch for in 2014.
Assuming Peter Jackson doesn’t go there and back again for an out-of-nowhere fourth Hobbit film, then the road to Middle-earth ends in December with the trilogy-concluding There and Back Again.
2014 is already off to an auspicious start for the divisive director, following his awkward CES appearance earlier in the week. Director Gareth Evans delivered one of the best action movies of 2011 in The Raid: Redemption, about an elite police officer named Rama who uses martial arts, light bulbs and other weapons to battle his way through a deadly apartment block. Director Gareth Edwards (not to be confused with the aforementioned Gareth Evans) brought Monsters to the big screen in 2010, and this year, he gets to helm the king of them all: Godzilla, roaring into theaters in May. If you love the Hobbit movies, Part 3 is bound to be at the top of your to-watch list this year.
Both of them star actors named Chris, both of them rely on critically acclaimed source material, and both of them are right at the very top of my most-anticipated movies of 2014.
Indeed, Nolan will make his own universe and explore it to its fullest in November’s Interstellar, about space travelers and worm holes. But the potential Bayhem is far from over, given that he has a new Transformers movie, subtitled Age of Extinction, hitting theaters in June.

Thanks to the completion of a record-setting Kickstarter campaign, creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell made a Neptune reunion into a reality, with the full-fledged Veronica Mars movie bowing on March 14. In just a few months (or in a few weeks if you’re headed to Sundance), Evans continues The Raid with a sequel, titled Berandal.
Come for the city-leveling rampage, stay for the Bryan Cranston, and be endlessly disappointed by the sad lack of Hank Azaria.
Next year sees the release of sequels to Avengers, Star Wars, Man of Steel, Jurassic Park, Terminator and more. Will it be an overstuffed train wreck, or a jam-packed two hours of unfiltered awesomeness? You might as well get on line for Hall H now, considering how many casting announcements and trailers are likely headed to Comic-Con this year. But all of those things happened, and 2015 was better for it.We also got some great original movies, including some charming comedies and one of the scariest monsters in recent memory.
While its conflicts occur in a very specific subculture within a subculture, its exploration of loyalty, truth, betrayal, and friendship applies to everyone. It’s about a programmer at a search-engine company whose reclusive boss summons him to the middle of nowhere to evaluate Ava, a creepily human-looking android. People turned off by bad language will gasp at the elaborate, ad-libbed streams of vulgarity that McCarthy lets loose throughout, and everyone else will find those gasps hilarious.

Krampus is about what happens when youthful innocence and Christmas spirit die.And what happens is that an ancient goat demon appears and murders everybody with killer toys. This one is a solid pick for people who grew up with Gremlins and other films that are mostly fun but become completely terrifying once you really consider what’s going on. Nature has so many ways to kill you up there, including embolisms, frostbite, and tricking you into thinking you’re hot so you take off all of your clothes, and it will use all of them. Viewers who don’t ask for a whole lot of survival from their survival movies should check this one out. Of course, it helps that most of its characters are actual embodiments of emotions, but it’s also from Pixar, and that company knows its feels.
She plays Imperator Furiosa, a driver in a car-worshipping post-apocalyptic settlement who absconds with the leader’s several wives and drives off toward freedom. Fury Road is exciting, intense, and often beautiful, and the fact that it hangs together while being so completely weird gives it my top honors for 2015.

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