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As we depart to 2013, we must agree that year 2012 was a great year for Hollywood movies & many blockbuster movies were produced. Among other movies The Dark Knight Rises was the trend setter film which was directed by Christopher Nolan, A well-known director. Below we have put up ranking of top 10 Hollywood movies of 2012 so if you have missed any do watch it. Research has shown that South Africa produces a good number of Christian movies, there’s however very little information available on how to get them.
As for Nigeria and Ghana, we know there are huge amounts available, but the quality needs a lot of help, however, there are a few good ones, we’ll fish them out for you soon! For a variety of reasons, organized religion is unrealistically absent from feature films in general.
Religious groups are mentioned by a movie title only if the movie is informative about that group and the film's portrayal is widely appreciated and recommended by adherents of that group.

We have collected numerous suggestions from representatives of some faith groups, and these are presented on separate pages.
Obviously, if someone seriously wants to learn about a religion the best way is to read the literature written by adherents of that religion, attend services and classes sponsored by them, talk to adherents of the group, etc.
It was also the 100th anniversary year of 2 big production houses ie Paramount Pictures & Universal Pictures. Many people of faith feel that feature films (and popular media in general) mishandle religion and spirituality. We have also included films that deal with comparative religion and general religious themes (without being overly offensive to a specific religious or ethnic group).
There are tons of Christian movies out there, but we are committed to featuring content of the best quality. Many films also explore philosophical and theological topics, although this is often through allegorical, fantastic imagery rather than overt presentation.

Another movie which features Islam prominently, "The Siege" with Denzel Washington, is not listed here, because Muslims did not like how their faith was portrayed in that film.
A PBS documentary about Navajo Indians, for example, is recommended over a John Wayne film.
In 2013 we are expecting around 15 – 20 blockbuster films as releasing date of upcoming movies are handy now a days. Typically, feature films are actually illuminating only if they were written and directed by active adherents of the faith being portrayed.

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