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Mouse Computer vient de sortir aujourd'hui deux nouveaux modeles de PC de bureau avec 4 et 8GB de RAM.
Mouse Computer vient de lancer les precommandes pour un ordinateur portable a destination des joueurs dans le gamme G-Tune qui sera disponible en edition limitee a 100 exemplaires seulement. Mouse Computer a annonce la sortie d'une tablette issue d'une collaboration Microsoft x Kagerou Project. Mouse Computer vient de sortir un nouveau portable dans sa serie gamer appele "NEXTGEAR-NOTE i71100" dans la gamme G-Tune. Mouse Computer a annonce le lancement d’un PC portable a prix tres raisonnable, la serie "LuvBook C ". Mouse Computer a annonce la sortie de leur nouveau "m-One", un PC tout-en-un tactile a 10 points.
This product was received as part of the OCN Reviewer Program, which has no impact on the review itself. There are two types of computer builders: one who cares about performance above cost, and one who cares about cost above performance. When you think of high end monitors, HP might not be the first name that comes to mind since they're more known for their desktops and printers.
Nintendo's Wii U is a console that boasts innovative designs and a killer library of some of the hottest games. Ok so here is the deal i read on the internet that some of the Sapphire HD6950 Dirt3 Editions come already unlocked on the 2nd BIOS and i guess i'm one of the lucky ones. I also read that you shouldn't OC an unlocked card because it will brick the card what is true from this?

Some of you may know this, but for those of you that don't, he's currently unable to write a performance analysis of the new Catalyst Omega drivers. Mouse Computer vient de sortir un peripherique appele "m-Stick MS-NH1" qui ressemble a une clef USB mais est en fait un PC sous Windows ! Si vous avez un simple clavier et une souris deja a portee de main, vous avez basiquement un PC de bureau ordinaire plug-and-play.
L'ecran (1600x900 dots) est compatible tactile 10 points et les 2 modeles sont differents au niveau de la memoire et de la capacite de stockage. So, this isn't a full run with all resolutions, with all of the bells and whistles enabled. I'll explain some more about that below, but first let's get you acquainted with the new Catalyst Omega driver suite.    AMD has just unveiled its new Catalyst Omega drivers, which are offering some improved performance for a bunch of games on the market, as well as a slew of new features. We have technologies like Virtual Super Resolution, Fluid Motion Video, support for 5K monitors, 24 monitors under Eyefinity and so much more. Donec posuere, mauris mattis commodo feugiat, nulla augue luctus nibh, pellentesque imperdiet elit nunc eget lacus. I haven't had much time with the drivers, so to get them out on time for the NDA, I've limited this article to 1080p testing only. Pellentesque dignissim, tellus a volutpat sagittis, quam erat euismod lacus, eget ullamcorper elit sem vulputate felis. After that, we might take a look at Crossfire results, and then before the end of the year I hope to have my hands-on some SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 290X 8GB cards, which should be pretty damn awesome in Crossfire.
I'm expecting a 5-10% jump in performance, without looking at any of the slides for 3DMark or Heaven.

Let's see how we go.  We're going to be running 3DMark and Heaven at 1080p, with everything cranked to maximum, including in-app anti-aliasing to its maximum setting.
This is one of those games that performs really odd, especially under the new Omega drivers. Minimum FPS suffers greatly under the new Omega drivers, dropping from 63FPS to just 44FPS.
This made me re-run the tests multiple times to confirm this result, as dropping from minimum 63FPS to 44FPS is very noticeable. Testing at 1080p isn't going to push a pair of Radeon R9 290Xs in Crossfire that much, but we did see some improvements in some games, but most of the time the drivers didn't help that much - they hindered performance. I would dare say that these tests will vary from system to system, but the new drivers are always worth installing.    But, that's not the entire point of the Catalyst Omega set of drivers. Sure, performance improvements are normally expected, but these drivers are a nice surprise for Radeon owners going into the holidays, with so many games being released, and second, there are a few nice new technologies and features that I think are better talking points of the Omega set of drivers. I'm one of the biggest performance driven people I know, I want more performance, better frame rates, more stable and higher minimum frame rates, higher resolutions and so much more.
I had not a single crash or hiccup in my many hours of testing, which is something I really came to respect from AMD.

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