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Google+ is one of those social networks that you either love or hate – and, to be frank, despite the fact that there are reportedly over 2.2 billion G+ profiles, only 300 million of these are said to be active every month. Well, I say only 300 million, which seems like a small number relative to 2.2 billion – but 300 million is 300 million. The difference in figures might suggest that, generally speaking, a lot of people sign up for G+, don’t like it, and then never touch the site again. My goodness, if you’re a social media marketer, then you will be watching for any changes in Google’s search algorithm like a hawk!! Google SEO is one of you main focuses, which is why indeed your business’s presence on Google+ is of utmost importance. Your pages on Google+ and your personal profile can be directly connected with your website. What’s even cooler about this – and this really does lend you some proper authority as a content creator on the internet – is that your headshot and G+ profile stats will appear in SERPs when your content ranks. Hangouts, Gmail, YouTube and Google+ – they’re all part of the great conglomeration that is Google. The best practice is to have all of your Google networks – that is Hangouts, Google+, YouTube, Gmail and whatever else) all as part of the same Google account to increase trust.
Also, it’s yet another platform from which you can link to all of your other social networks – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr., Vine, whatever you’ve got. Thank You For Sharing This but can we give more focus on G+ than Any other Social Media for SEo things ? What Is Outbound Marketing And Does It Still Work?In the marketing world of 2016, it seems that all we hear about – and indeed, as blogger, often all I write about – is inbound marketing and its various disciplines. Like it or not, B2C companies cannot evade using digital media as a means to reach out to tech-savvy consumers in this generation. Be immersed in a series of intense idea sharing as Asia’s digital elites come together to discuss best strategies to leverage on digital to reach out to consumers in this competitive marketplace – all at Asia’s leading digital technology and strategy show, The Internet & Mobile Show Asia 2014. Next year, new conference formats involving more discussion opportunities will be introduced; be involved in interactive roundtable sessions amongst your peers and kick off interesting debates and ideas!
A marketing enthusiast who is interested in innovative loyalty ideas, digital solutions and mobile marketing. Une ressortissante russe, a la tete d'un reseau international de prostitution qui s'etend a partir du Liban dans plusieurs pays de la region, a ete arretee le 1er aout 2016 a l'aeroport international de Beyrouth alors qu'elle tentait de fuir. Une ressortissante russe, a la tete d'un reseau international de prostitution qui s'etend a partir du Liban dans plusieurs pays de la region, a ete arretee le 1er aout a l'aeroport international de Beyrouth alors qu'elle tentait de fuir, a annonce vendredi la brigade des m?urs. Lors de son interrogatoire, la ressortissante russe a avoue etre a la tete d'un reseau de prostitution base au Liban et s'etendant dans plusieurs pays arabes dont l’Egypte, la Jordanie et les Emirats arabes unis. Afin que vos reactions soient validees sans probleme par les moderateurs de L'Orient-Le Jour, nous vous prions de jeter un coup d'oeil a notre charte de moderation en cliquant ici.
Nous vous rappelons que les commentaires doivent etre des reactions a l'article concerne et que l'espace "reactions" de L'Orient-Le Jour, afin d'eviter tout derapage, n'est pas un forum de discussion entre internautes.

Votre commentaire n'a pu etre envoye car il fait plus de 1 500 signes.Veuillez le reduire et le renvoyer. Pour enregistrer cet article dans votre dossier personnel Mon OLJ, vous devez au prealable vous identifier. And, whilst it might not be everyone’s favourite social network, think about this – there are plenty of people out there who absolutely despise Facebook as well and wouldn’t dream of ever going near the site, but with 1.44 billion active monthly users, I don’t think Zuckerberg will be losing any sleep just yet.
Google matters to your business, just like it does to ours, and the millions of others that there are out there. Think about it – the more widespread your presence is on the internet, the more likely it is that those Google bots are going to find you or one of your pages when someone types in a search query.
Google makes the rules, we all know that, so, it only makes sense to make sure that you are playing with their toy as much as you are with anyone else’s. The more exposure you can get for your site, the better, and, with 300 million active monthly users of Google+, that’s one big marketplace to be pitching to. They’re all there already, waiting for to join their business circles so that you can all discuss the most important news in your industry as it happens. This will give you even greater reach on search engines when you use Publisher and Authorship markup. In 2013, YouTube officially became the second largest search engine in the world, processing over 3 billion searches each month. Connecting your G+ with your YouTube will mean that your videos are always featured prominently on Google+ and vice versa. So, linking back to your site from as many places as possible – including G+ – is a smart move to make. And finding the link to share (from web to g+ business page — or post on business page) is difficult.
Feel a bit powerless to do anything more than growl at the traffic I can’t really see. I’m a big fan of the platform and currently bringing exposure to my brand connecting with other communities. I was reluctant to join but have created a community for Fintech and Startups (a niche of niches) which has grown a core following and engagement. The posts I provide for this very blog in fact are nearly always centred around giving advice on how to draw internet users to your website using inbound marketing techniques. We use cookies to analyse the flow of traffic through our web site and they do not, in anyway, identify you. Companies need to start with developing the right digital experience – in order to “bring customer experience to life”.
S., nee en 1978, aurait attire au Liban plusieurs jeunes filles venues d'Ukraine, de Russie et du Kazakhstan en pretendant les faire venir pour un sejour touristique. Les FSI revelent que cette personne faisait l'objet d'un signalement de l'agence Interpol emis par les autorites egyptiennes pour trafic d'etres humains et prostitution.

Le 30 mars dernier, les autorites avaient annonce le demantelement du "plus dangereux" reseau de trafic d'etres humains au Liban, operant dans le secteur de Jounieh. Google, and anything that Google produces, will, for obvious reasons, always be in the spotlight. Unfortunately we’re not in a position to boycott Google+ or Facebook or any of the others, even if we distrust their size, power and influence, for we would be in the wrong job if we did. The more people that you can connect with on Google+, the greater the chances you have of increasing the exposure of your content. I’m going to abandon the page I set up for a client and just create a regular G+ profile for them.
By continuing to use our site you are consenting to our use of cookies to collect this data.
Hence, it is imperative for companies to focus customers at the heart of their digital strategy.
With customers in consideration at every point of a digital implementation, companies will find themselves being able to keep pace and have customers’ expectations met. Assurant le paiement de leur billet d'avion et la reservation de leurs chambres d'hotel, la responsable de ce reseau contraignait en realite ces jeunes femmes a s'adonner a des actes de prostitution, indique un communique des Forces de securite interieure (FSI) publie vendredi. Plusieurs telephones portables et ordinateurs qu'elle utilisait pour faire fonctionner son reseau, ainsi qu'une somme d'argent, ont ete saisis, indiquent les FSI. Soixante-quinze jeunes filles, majoritairement syriennes, avaient ete sauvees de ce trafic a l'issue d'une importante operation de police. And, just like Apple, it’s one of those companies that is so big and so influential, that a lot of people actually love it when they can reel off a few stats that suggest that it’s failing.
You will be using the Google search engine most definitely, and quite likely you will be using Google Docs and Google Drive, and perhaps you’re also using Gmail, Hangouts, YouTube, and will probably have an Android device of some description in your back pocket, I’m sure.
Taking the time to create and maintain a lively Google+ page will improve your search visibility – it’s that simple. Plusieurs d'entre elles ont ete reperees et arretees grace a la surveillance de sites Internet sur lesquelles ces elles proposaient leurs services. What’s more, as search algorithms continue to evolve so as they become more intertwined with social media, the line where SEO stops and social begins is getting more and more blurry by the day. En cuanto a la memoria llega con cuatro gigas de RAM y en el caso de la interna asciende hasta los 64 GB (ampliables mediante tarjeta microSD hasta 200 GB).Y es que todo avance es poco. El mayor fabricante de smartphones del mundo se enfrenta a una competencia cada vez más feroz.

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