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Core Transcription Outsource Services (“TOS”) – this constitutes transcription outsource labor, speech understanding, and workflow technology. Other Technology & Services – this constitutes “legacy” products and services from past acquisitions. Lower than anticipated market demand for capital purchases of front end speech solutions resulting in a shift in the Company’s go-to-market strategy for its newer products from one-time revenue from capital sales to more stable, recurring revenue from subscription sales. Note:For nonbankruptcy services including Corporate and Business Services, Intellectual Property, Technology and nonbankruptcy Litigation and Dispute Resolution, please visit the Firm’s Primary Website. Disclaimer:*For information Technology Law, Culhane Meadows received a Tier 1 ranking in Atlanta, GA and a Tier 3 national ranking. FRANKLIN, TN--(Marketwired - February 16, 2016) -  M*Modal, a leading provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding™ solutions, today announced that its ground-breaking clinical intelligence has been broadly embraced by physicians in over 150 sites since the launch of the application in 2015.
Based in Kingsport, Tenn., Wellmont is a not-for-profit, 1200-bed integrated health system featuring seven hospitals, two major trauma centers and over 30 ambulatory facilities. M*Modal is a leading healthcare technology provider of advanced clinical documentation solutions, enabling hospitals and physicians to enrich the content of patient electronic health records (EHR) for improved healthcare and comprehensive billing integrity. Effortlessly publish all your press releases with our automated pickup and submission service. By the way, I’m aware and concerned about walking the fine line between education and marketing (and have written about it). So, based on what the physician says, within moments after it’s said, asking for clarification if necessary, tasks are automatically queued, executed, tracked, etc. Speech Understanding, the small cloud on the upper right, is sort of a label for the entire cloud, including speech recognition, natural language understanding, and workflow orchestration, right?
Verification of the current status: Check whether the command is valid in executing a task. Determine the authority of users: Check if the current user is permitted to execute the task. Executing condition script: After passing the previous two steps, workflow engine begins to evaluate condition script in which two processes are carried out, if the condition is true, workflow engine execute the task, and if execution successfully complete, it returns the success, if not, it reports the error to trigger and roll back the change. Workflow engine is the core technique for task allocation software application, such as BPM in which workflow engine allocates task to different executors with communicating data among participants. In our interview, when Juergen said “You are absolutely right that without pragmatics we’d never be able to accomplish what we’re trying to with NLP technology,” what did he mean? Chuck Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS has degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Intelligent Systems, and Medicine (from the University of Chicago).
I joined the Company as VP of Finance and was promoted to CFO in October 2013 after being promoted to the acting Chief Financial Officer role in June 2013.  As CFO, I am currently responsible for, among other things, financial planning, oversight of financial reporting, operational reporting, treasury, and tax.
As of the Petition Date, the Debtors’ workforce consisted of approximately 4,200 employees (largely home-based) with employees in all 50 states.
This category includes labor for outsourced medical coding, and third party licensing of products with clinical documentation, speech recognition, and natural language understanding technology.
The outsourced percentage of the market is expected to grow to more than a third of the overall medical transcription market by 2014. Dictation allows physicians to use their voice to document patient interactions, which is converted into a text format for insertion into the Electronic Health Record (“EHR”).
Speech automation and an increase in offshore production have substantially decreased the overall cost of production and have further differentiated the Company from many other outsourcing providers.
The M*Modal Fluency™ family of products captures the patient story through front-end speech, voice capture, and transcription services. The M*Modal Catalyst™ family of products enable the Company’s customers and partners to monetize that captured story through coding, analytics, and integration of structured data into the EHR.
The Debtors’ corporate organizational chart …identifies the borrowers and guarantors, as well as which entities have had their equity interests pledged. The Transaction was financed by a combination of debt and equity, including an equity contribution from OEP of approximately $447 million. The Company announced in April 2013 that it would likely breach the net leverage covenant for the first quarter of 2013, and, in May 2013, the Credit Agreement was amended to provide for relaxed net leverage ratios.

This decline in TOS volume and revenue was attributable to greater than planned industry-wide erosion, including product substitution and competitive pricing pressure.
M*Modal has provided Wellmont with transcription services since 2009, and with this agreement will become Wellmont’s sole provider of clinical documentation services and solutions across all of its facilities. M*Modal’s solutions make documenting effortless by enabling doctors to conversationally create and edit clinical data directly within EMRs  through  voice-navigation. In addition, these cloud-based solutions offer users choice in accessing and capturing clinical documentation anytime and anywhere. From your unique perspective, what is the connection between language tech and workflow tech? I’m especially interested in how workflow technology, combined with language technology, can improve efficiency and user experience. Both natural language processing *and* natural language understanding, not to mention remote extrasensory perception! I’m a visual kinda guy, at a high level, what does your language and workflow platform look like? Let’s unwind the workflow from the moment a physician says something to the moment it helps someone. But I’d like to shift gears now, over to the computational linguistics and natural language processing side. M*Modal Fluency Direct speech-enables electronic health records (EHR) and other clinical documentation systems by verbally driving actions normally associated with point-and-click, templated environments. The certification process consists of an onsite Speech Enablement Workshop at no cost to the vendor. If you've got a healthcare workflow story, I want to tell it, blog it, tweet it, interview you, etc. Furthermore, when I took on the CFO role, my previous role as VP of Finance was not filled, and therefore I have continued to be heavily involved in the finance function, particularly Financial Planning and Analysis (“FP&A”) activities. The Company enjoys a high retention rate with its customers, and the average tenure of its top 50 customers has been more than 4 years.
As the industry’s cost of production has declined, the average market price for medical transcription services has also declined.
The Debtors’ prepetition funded indebtedness under the Credit Facility and the Indenture was incurred in connection with the financing for the Transaction. As part of the amendment process, OEP also contributed $20 million in an equity cure to pay down part of the debt under the Credit Facility.
The Company instigated efforts to improve its sales training and sales presence in parallel with the development and sale of software-based products and services with higher margins in addition to its core labor-based transcription services.
A year after the launch, the clinical intelligence application is already used by more than 150 customer sites. The M*Modal platform offers strong medically-tuned speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding by capturing and processing the documentation of more than 200,000 doctors that access every day. M*Modal has been recognized as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, placing in the top third of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 for 2012. I usually submit geeky questions about workflow or language technology to an industry expert, then top it off with a One-Minute Interview (on YouTube) embedded in the resulting blog post.
As smart as Juergen is, using a whole-is-greater-than-the-parts logic, M*Modal must be even smarter than he is. However, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words (and 15,000 tweets!) about workflow tech in healthcare.
Computational linguistics, the science behind the NLP engineering, includes conversation (discourse) and achieving goals (pragmatics), not just sounds, syntax, and semantics. It was a great review, since the last graduate course in pragmatics that I took was so ago.
But my point here is: if pragmatics is about context and M*Modal is about context then M*Modal is about pragmatics too. My background and experience in FP&A and my more recent experience as CFO have allowed me to become familiar with the Company’s business and financial affairs.

The speed and extent to which the Company’s current customers and our target market adopts direct data entry with EHRs is somewhat uncertain within our customer base and our target market. The Company also implemented cost-saving measures in the second quarter of 2013 that resulted in approximately $7 million in annual savings.
This interactive clinical intelligence system automatically brings the right information to the physician at the right point in time within the clinical workflow for unparalleled gains in delivering smarter care.By utilizing the CAPD functionality of M*Modal's speech recognition solution, Fluency Direct, to support clinical documentation improvement (CDI), healthcare organizations have reported a 30% reduction in retrospective queries and amendments to the documentation. I won’t go any further into the subject of the importance of pragmatics to healthcare workflow. All of this workflow technology and language technology for improving efficiency and user experience? We will follow up with you and provide additional information that will prepare you for the certification workshop.
Webster currently services as CMIMO (Chief Medical Informatics Marketing Officer) for workflow technology in healthcare.
This makes it difficult to assess the erosion the Company will likely experience in the future.
While the business’s absolute revenue and adjusted EBITDA were declining, the Company’s efforts resulted in a relatively steady adjusted EBITDA margin near 21%.
The information herein is not intended to create an attorney-client or similar relationship.
I’m planning a future blog post about import of discourse, reference, speech acts, implicature, intent, inference, relevance, etc. As of the Petition Date, the outstanding principal balance due under the Notes was $250 million. Moreover, 70% of physicians utilizing this system are interacting with the clinical insights for record-breaking physician technology adoption and engagement. The three keys to such rapid and successful adoption are the accuracy of the insights derived using Natural Language Understanding of both structured and unstructured patient information, the unique ambient user experience, and the ease of technology integration. I wrote about use of structured EHR data to trigger EHR workflows, not unstructured free text, but similar idea.
Whether you need legal services and which lawyer or law firm you select are important decisions that should not be based on this website alone. Webster designed the first undergraduate program in medical informatics, was a software architect in a hospital MIS department, and is a judge for the annual Workflow Management Coalition Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow and Awards for Case Management. Continual learning from hundreds of million minutes of dictation per year for more than 10 years has created the foundation to train our Natural Language Understanding technology at an unprecedented scale using deep learning." "We have successfully and seamlessly integrated M*Modal's CAPD into our physician workflows by incorporating it into our EHR. Chuck is a ceaseless evangelist for process-aware technologies in healthcare, including workflow management systems, Business Process Management, and dynamic and adaptive case management. This CAPD provides information embedded in current workflows so the information sharing is non-disruptive, but still results in physician behavior change," said Dr. John Showalter, MD, Chief Health Information Officer at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The Debtors’ corporate headquarters is located at 5000 Meridian Boulevard, Suite 200, Franklin, TN 37067.  There are fourteen Debtor entities, as well as nine foreign subsidiaries of MModal Inc. Advanced analytics about the physician's documentation can be done retrospectively using the application's 'silent-mode' with no workflow disruption.
I’m Delighted!I Finally Found The Perfect Prescription Glasses For My Google Glass!Google Glass: Longest possible video? This closed-loop documentation system is now poised for further game-changing advancement to bring more complex insights and analytics into the documentation workflow, including clinical analytics, best practices, predictive analytics, and risk modeling.
M*Modal Fluency Direct with CAPD is becoming a true conversational assistant by going from just advising care teams towards best practices to pro-actively facilitating the resolution of gaps in documentation and care.To keep up with the innovation driving today's success and tomorrow's opportunity, please visit the M*Modal booth (# 5029) at the 2016 HIMSS conference being held from February 29 to March 3 in Las Vegas.
About M*Modal M*Modal is a leading healthcare technology provider of advanced clinical documentation solutions, enabling hospitals and physicians to enrich the content of patient electronic health records (EHR) for improved healthcare and comprehensive billing integrity.

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