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A complete and accurate diagnosis allows us to get to understand the cause of your infertility, and then chart your customised treatment plan. Our sperm concentration test kit is an accurate, affordable and easy-to-use home test for determining sperm count. A positive test result shows that your sperm count is above 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. In fact, the average male will produce roughly 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime and shed at least one billion of them per month.
In contrast, women are born with an average two million egg follicles, the reproductive structures that give rise to eggs.
But if it only takes one sperm and one egg to meet and create a baby, then why do men produce such a whopping number of sperm? In the early 1980s, researchers in the United Kingdom and the United States realized that both proximity and number were important factors in the physiology of primates, including humans.
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If the ratio of sperms and eggs are right (and I have no reason not to believe the content of the material herewith), then that makes you in 1 in a billion!! I prefer to trust in God because man and and other creatures evolved because God wanted it that way!
Why did God make the journey of the millions of sperm to the egg so similar to the annual journey of the salmon from the ocean to the freshwater spawning grounds? ALL of us, each human Being in this planet, are fertalized sperms chosen from among many other sperm cells as you can see.
Nice answer back in return of this query with firm arguments and explaining everything regarding that. The very high ratio of sperms to single egg in each human copulation is that the healthiest, strongest will win the battle of fertilization.
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Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules when taken together work faster and better to improve overall reproductive health, wellness and male fertility. Tribulus Terrestris Linn (Gokhru Fruit), Mucuna Pruriens Bek (Kaunch Seed), Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha), Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavar), Puraria Tuberosa Dc (Vidharikandh), Asphaltum Panjabinum (Sudh Shilajit), Gentiana Kuroo Royle (Kutki), Myristica Fragrans Houtt.
Take one capsule each of Spermac and Vital M-40 two times a day preferably with milk or water for minimum 3 to 4 months to cure low sperm count naturally.
Men with severe cases of oligospermia are advised to take two capsules of Spermac and one capsule of Vital M-40 capsules two times a day for faster and better result. The testicular factors suppress functioning of testis to produce poor quality semen lacking sperms in sufficient number. Lesser number of sperms do not show any symptoms which can ring the alarm bells, male discover it when he is unable to impregnate a woman even after trying for more than 2 years and under appropriate circumstances. Spermac capsule is specifically designed to help men improve both quality and quantity of sperms. Both Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules are natural supplements and can be used for long term without worrying about the side effects.
The Interventional Radiologist (IR) can offer expertise in diagnosis and image-guided minimally invasive treatment for a wide variety of urogynaecologic conditions. Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE) has received considerable attention since two major randomised comparative trials (EMMY trial[i] and REST trial[ii]) demonstrated its effectiveness and safety compared to myomectomy and hysterectomy for the treatment of symptomatic fibroids. The embolisation procedure usually requires an overnight stay mainly for pain control, although same-day procedures are practiced in some centres. The largest data for the efficacy of UFE comes from the Fibroid Registry for Outcomes Data (FIBROID) registry[iv] which enrolled patients from United States and multiple international sites. Figure 1: Uterine artery embolisation – pelvic angiogramThis 43 year old patient presented with menorrhagia and urinary frequency due to pressure symptoms. In conclusion, UFE has shown proven benefits comparable to surgery and offers a viable low-risk and minimally invasive alternative to major surgery in alleviating symptoms of uterine fibroids. Subfertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse.
The narrowest point of the fallopian tube is proximally located at junction between the intramural and external portions, averaging only 1mm in diameter. The hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is essential in diagnosis, and approximately 30% of HSGs demonstrate bilateral PTO among women evaluated for subfertility.
Reported overall technical success (definition: patent proximal tube) rates for achieving tubal patency after fallopian tube recanalisation (FTR) are 75% to 95%. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis, within the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, under IV conscious sedation. The abnormal dilatation of the pampiniform plexus of the testis, classically described as a ‘bag of worms’, varicocele typically presents with aching scrotal pain or infertility.
Varicocele is rare in boys younger than 10 years, but with prevalence of up to 15% by late adolescence. Diagnosis is primarily clinical and the grading system proposed by Dubin and Amelar[xi] is most commonly used.
Patients undergoing transcatheter embolotherapy are generally treated on an outpatient basis with intravenous conscious sedation.
The procedure can usually be done as a day-case and patients are discharged after four to six hours of observation. Recurrence rates are 4% to 11%,[xiv] lower in post-embolectomy patients compared to post-surgery cohorts, usually related to dilation of collaterals not present at the initial procedure. In conclusion, varicocele embolisation is a low risk, safe and effective technique for symptomatic, grade 1 to 3 varicocele with high technical and clinical success rates. Dr Apoorva Gogna is a Consultant Interventional Radiologist at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Singapore General Hospital. Two weeks after such treatments, the sperm concentration in rats had been reduced to 3,000 motile sperm or fewer per milliliter. A 17 year study of 25,000 men between 1989 to 2005 showed a precipitous drop in sperm count. The cause of the disappearing sperm has yet to be determined, but scientists are scrambling to figure it out. Media That Matters - From the serious to the hilarious, we share stories that rise to the top. Unfortunately, many couples struggle with infertility issues, , which can take the sheen off the experience. A negative result shows that the count is below the 15 million sperm per milliliter threshold.
A healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. By puberty, a majority of those follicles close up and only about 450 will ever release mature eggs for fertilization. Wouldn’t it be less wasteful for a man to release a single sperm, or at least fewer, to meet one egg? Since the dawn of the sexes, males have vied with each other to get as many of their own sperm near a fertile egg as possible.

If a rival’s sperm fertilizes an egg, then an opportunity to pass on your genes is lost. In primate societies with rigid social structures and one dominant male who mates with all the females, testes trend towards the small. In chimpanzee society, many males and females live together in large troops, and females have sex with many males in a short span of time. The average mana€™s testes are roughly two and a half times as big as a gorillaa€™s but six times smaller than a chimp’s, relative to body weight. The relationship between male and sperm should precedes all other relationships as a guide for the treatment of all other living beings.
God’s wants us to have faith in Him, and you cannot measure faith without the existence of doubt.
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Sperms are responsible for fertilizing egg in woman's ovary to produce a child, although just one sperm is required to fertilize an egg but lesser number of sperms in semen reduces chances of a male to father a child on his own. This herbal supplement work as natural oligospermia treatment and enhances male fertility and potency by increasing testosterone levels and blood flow to the male genital area. The potent herbs present in these supplements have positive effects on testosterone metabolism, sperm formation and sperm motility. Medically these have been categorized into three categories, pre-testicular causes, testicular factors and post-testicular factors. Post-testicular causes affect male genital system and reduce number of sperm in good quality semen to cause oligospermia.
Male unable to produce a child after mating with a healthy and fertile woman in 2 years can be a symptom of oligospermia. This herbal supplement when taken in combination with Vital M-40 capsule works as effective oligospermia treatment and enhances natural production of healthy sperms. These supplements not only work as powerful herbal oligospermia treatment but also enhance male stamina, performance and pleasure during the love act. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG)[iii] recognises UFE as a ‘safe and effective option for appropriately selected women who wish to retain their uteri’.
However, many present with heavy or painful menstrual bleeding, pressure symptoms (pelvic pain, urinary frequency, even hydronephrosis), and fertility problems (subfertility, complicated pregnancy).
Intravenous conscious sedation is used, and the procedure usually requires a single femoral artery access with a 2.5mm diameter vascular sheath. Of nearly 3,000 patients in the registry, 87% had significant improvement in symptom scores, with about 6% having no symptomatic improvement. Based on available literature, most authors favour myomectomy for fertility preservation in suitable surgical cases (i.e. Tubal defects account for about a third of female subfertility cases.[v] These may be divided broadly into proximal (uterine ostial end) and distal (fimbriated end) tubal obstructions. This narrow channel is prone to occlusion due to accumulated secretions, mucus plugs and cellular debris, in up to 77% of cases of proximal tubal obstruction (PTO). The American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines [vi] recommend selective salpingography for proximal tubal obstruction, prior to more invasive or expensive interventions.
Subsequent unassisted conception rates are 30% to 40% for the first year.[vii] Procedural risks are low, ranging from 2% to 3%. Several theories have been proposed to explain the association of infertility with severe varicocele. Men not currently attempting to conceive, but with abnormal semen analysis and palpable varicocele should also be offered treatment. A femoral vein or jugular venous approach may be used after placement of a 4mm diameter vascular sheath into the vein under imaging guidance.
Normal activities are allowed the next day; heavy lifting and contact sports may be resumed in two weeks to three weeks.
Clinical success (improvement in sperm count and motility) ranges from 27% to 78% after embolotherapy, and 24% to 84% after surgery.[xiii] Improvement in sperm count and motility takes approximately three months. Edwards RD, Moss JG, Lumsden MA et al: Uterine-artery embolization versus surgery for symptomatic uterine fibroids. The Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine: The role of reconstructive surgery in the era of assisted reproductive technologies.
Thurmond AS, Machan LS, Maubon AJ et al: A review of selective salpingography and fallopian tube catheterization. Papaioannou S, Afnan M, Coomarasamy A et al: Long-term safety of fluoroscopically guided selective salpingography and tubal catheterization. Male Infertility Best Practice Policy Committee of the American Urological Association, Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine: Report on varicocele and infertility. He received post graduate fellowship training in Interventional Radiology at the Dotter Institute in USA. Content and images are meant for practicing medical doctors, allied health care professionals and other establishments in the medical industry. New research on rats indicates that ultrasound machinery could be used to kill off sperm-growing cells, thus making males temporarily infertile. Researchers found that by rotating high-frequency ultrasound around the testes, they could kill most sperm-creating cells.
And while that’s still fertile for rodents, a level that low is considered infertile in humans. Ultrasonic sterilization may be adapted to induce permanent infertility, providing a noninvasive way to sterilize household pets and control the pet population. For those concerned, general health advice (eat well, get exercise, avoid chemicals) is often given as advice to maintain a healthy sperm count. The test works by detecting SP10, a protein that is only expressed in the testis and has been verified as an analyte for sperm concentration.
Getting more of your sperm closer to an egg means there is a greater probability that it will be you and not your neighbor fertilizing it. Through many generations, as the reproductive spoils continually go to the highest sperm producers, their genes are passed on. This is why male chimpanzees possess the largest testes of all the great apes, weighing in roughly 15 times larger than gorillas, relative to their body weight. This has led some researchers to question whether sperm competition was ever at work in human societies, or whether our relatively large testes are just a hold over from an earlier period in our evolutionary history. We should understand that if nothing else, that makes US wonderfully, awesomely special (and different).
To me this is one of the few places where spheres overlap; where the really big things become indistinguishable from the really small.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Medically minimum number of sperms for male to have decent chances of fathering a child is 10 million progressively motile sperms per ml, any number lesser than this is regarded as oligospermia. Men suffering from low sperm count can boost fertility and semen volume with the help of nature blessed herbs and nutrients. Hypogonadism, strenuous exercises like heavy weight lifting exercises, too much cycling, horse riding, too much alcohol intake, use of street drugs, too much smoking, exposure to heat and heavy metals and medicines which alter androgen levels are pre-testicular causes of oligospermia. Vas deferens, cystic fibrosis, infections like prostatitis and ejaculatory duct obstruction are few post-testicular causes of oligospermia. Male suffering with low sperm count does not experience any abnormality or pain and most of the times lead a healthy and pleasurable love life.
Vital M-40 capsules provide necessary nutrients to body to supercharge male reproductive organs and increase energy and strength. These include simple procedures such as drainages, biopsies, etc., to advanced procedures such as renal arterial stenting, tumour embolisation and tumour ablation.
Indications for UFE include symptomatic uterine fibroids in women desiring to avoid major surgery or definitive loss of reproductive capacity.

Postmenopausal bleeding should be investigated with endometrial biopsy, as this is rarely due to fibroids alone.
A catheter is advanced sequentially into the right then left uterine artery, and embolisation proceeds with permanent embolic agents such as polyvinyl alcohol particles and microspheres.
From the randomised controlled trials, there is no significant difference in major or minor adverse events between the UFE, myomectomy and hysterectomy arms. Distal disease is best treated with laparoscopic or open surgical options, or with In vitro fertilisation (IVF). Other causes include post inflammatory adhesions, spasm, endometriosis, salpingitis isthmica nodosa, polyps and endometriosis. These mainly include per vaginal bleeding, infection, tubal guidewire perforation and ectopic pregnancy. Some of these theories include reflux of adrenal blood containing high concentrations of norepinephrine that cause testicular vasoconstriction and venous reflux causing impairment of blood flow and increased testicular temperature above optimal levels causing Sertoli and Leydig cell dysfunction. Approximately 90% occur on the left side, attributed to the nearly perpendicular confluence of the left internal spermatic vein with the (high pressure) left renal vein.
The left (and right if indicated) internal spermatic vein (ISV) is cannulated and venography performed during a Valsalva maneuver. Post-procedural symptoms may include nausea, testicular or back pain (or both), and low-grade fever, and can be usually managed with oral medications including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Sperm rates would have to fall to 33% of 2005 levels to reach infertility levels, but if sperm rates keep falling at the same rates, that will happen in ten years. The genes of the smaller sperm producers are eventually weeded out of the population and become a footnote to evolutionary history. Or maybe he thought it would be fun to create someone like me and then send me to hell because I thought too rationally about him…Why did God equip us with rational power and then hope for us not to use it and use faith instead? Maybe every single atheistic argument is valid, but God created the universe so intricately that it looks like it all evolved by chance. There are special clinical tests which can identify number of healthy sperms in a male's semen. Spermac capsule is effective herbal remedy for low sperm count that addresses key issues in male fertility and reproductive health.
Spermac and Vital M-40 capsule as natural oligospermia treatment stand aside because of their potent herbs and natural nutrients.
Age, genetic defects like Y chromosome microdeletion, abnormal set of chromosome like Klienfelter syndrome, neoplasm, cryptorchidism, varicocele, hydrocele, mumps, malaria, trauma and mast cells releasing inflammatory mediators are testicular factors causing oligospermia. However there are many cases in which root cause of the problem cannot be identified and doctors are unable to point out one or few causes of infertility. There have been many cases where males having number of sperms as low as 3 million per ml were able to father a child without any treatment and delay. Being a leading herbal oligospermia treatment, Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules help men in multiple ways and boost male potency and fertility in natural way. Indeterminate adnexal masses and fibroids showing features of malignant degeneration such as rapid growth or growth after menopause require further work up or surgery. In both the EMMY and REST trials, similar levels of symptom control were found between patients with successful UFE and surgery. If myomectomy is not an option, the current evidence suggests a 50% overall chance of pregnancy at two years after UFE. Ovarian failure (premature menopause) after UFE is age dependent, occurring in 7% of patients in the FIBROID registry. A variety of agents may be used to occlude the ISV, including coils, detachable plugs, tissue adhesives, and sclerosing agents.
Thrombosis of the pampiniform plexus is an uncommon complication following sclerosing agents (incidence 1% to 4%) resulting in significant pain and swelling. Sperm levels have likely fallen more since the study, seeing as the decline was progressive over the 17 years. In this case, making a lot of sperm doesn’t really help the male gorilla get the job done. In reality, I already was those things and now I realize that I was different the whole time!
Semen containing lesser number of sperms can also show other abnormalities like lesser motility.
With an effective formula that combines a potent blend of herbs and natural nutrients, Spermac capsule is designed to support healthy formation of sperm and increase both sperm motility and sperm count.
These supplements are helpful in increasing sperm count and improving sperm motility, the two most important factors in successful conception. Such instances are referred as idiopathic oligospermia and numerous factors minor or major can cause these like environmental pollutants to subtle hormonal changes. Medically low sperm count is regarded as one of the major causes of male infertility but it is not the only cause of the problem, several other disorders and deficiencies can also lead to infertility.
In the UFE group, there was about a 70% freedom from major surgery or re-intervention at five years.
Ectopic pregnancy is reported in up to 3% of the patients, and is thought to be due to the underlying tubal abnormalities. Cook Tenacath), and a coaxial catheter is then inserted to perform selective salpingography, which alone can restore patency in 30% of tubal obstructions.
Isolated right-sided varicocele is rare (0.4%), and warrants further imaging evaluation to exclude situs inversus, retroperitoneal and abdominal tumours such as lymphoma and metastases. When using coils, embolisation is done from the lower ISV just above the pubic symphysis up to the origin. Lesser motility of sperms is not oligospermia, this condition is specifically used for explaining lesser number of healthy sperms. The active ingredients of this herbal oligospermia treatment play vital role in the process of sperm development. Additional advantages of taking these supplements are increased libido, greater energy level, powerful orgasm and enhanced stamina and performance in bed.
Small intracavitary fibroids less than 3cm may be easily resectable using hysteroscopic surgery. Persisting tubal blockage can then be cleared using gentle manipulation with hydrophilic guidewires, sometimes supported by fine microcatheters.
Bilateral ISV embolisation is recommended in the presence of reflux, even in the absence of a clinically apparent varicocele.
There can be several causes of oligospermia and different person may suffer due to different reason. Large, especially pedunculated serosal fibroids are best managed by myomectomy as these are easier to resect, respond poorly to UFE and are prone to adhesion formation after UFE.
Post procedure pain tends to be well tolerated with appropriate protocols, one study showing average pain scores of 3.03 (standard 0 to 10 pain scale, 0 = no pain, 10 = worst pain) with 62% returning to normal activity within two weeks.
The orbit of the moon describes as an over and under pattern between the earth and the sun and being twisted like a date palm branch when it withers also proven in astrology.
The roundness of the earth compared the the geospherical shape of an ostrich egg whch also science proves.
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