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A hero who doesn't have his powers or abilities naturally, but has to get them from a process of digestion or injection of a specialized compound. Heroes nowadays may get such treatments only once, often involuntarily (due to evil experimentation) or as formal medical treatments. 8th Man was a Cyber Punk Super Hero who recharged himself (and his powers) through special cigarettes. Naruto: Although his abilities don't center around them, Chouji's food pills can increase his chakra supply dramatically, allowing him to use more powerful attacks more often. As do Kiba and Akamaru's battle pills, which had been mostly abandoned by the ninja corps due to the side effect of not being able to move for three days after a ten-minute dose. Osamu Tezuka's superhero Big X (best known in the West for various cameo appearances he put in in various Astro Boy productions) got his powers from a Super Soldier serum his father was forced to develop for the Axis Powers during WWII. The origin story of the hero of City Hunter is a bizarre instance of attributing cool powers to an actual illegal drug.
The drugs used by the Extended in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, which also double as a Psycho Serum. In Kurozuka, the blood of the immortal vampire Kuromitsu can give both immortality and Super Strength to those who take it—if they survive, which most don't. Baki the Grappler has X-4, a super steroid that increases muscular growth and overrides the effects of over-training. Attack on Titan: It seems Rod Reiss has an assortment of vials in his possession that contain a serum which causes people to transform into Titans.
The Elysium Project has the eponymous Elysium formula, which grants those exposed to it the power to manipulate reality in accordance with their desires. For instance, the 1950s impostor Captain America used a Nazi German variant of the formula to enhance his body. Omega Red was a failed Soviet attempt at making the serum as well as giving Red tendrils in his arms made of carbonadium (an alloy intended as a more feasible substitute for the astronomically expensive and rare adamantium).
Interestingly, in Avengers: The Initiative, it turns out that Erskine discovered similar results could be achieved with a perfect diet and an extremely specialized exercise program, which resulted in his great-grandson Michael Van Patrick having the same peak physical condition naturally.
Patriot (Elijah Bradley) from Young Avengers is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the "first" Captain America, but his mother was conceived before Isaiah was experimented on, so he did not inherit his grandfather's powers. Vintage Heroes Cloak & Dagger were phased out for a while because their back story involved pharmaceutical testing (of the extremely involuntary kind). A recent Retcon in Ultimate X-Men is that this version of Colossus needs the mutant enhancement drug "Banshee" to be able to so much as move his limbs in his organic steel form.
More in the superpower-causers-equalling-drugs: There was an article in one issue of Year In Review, a tongue-in-cheek in-universe magazine, about Pym poppers, kids who took Pym particles to shrink and grow. As far as anyone at this point is able to understand, everything in the Ultimate Marvel universe involving superpowers are derived from attempted recreations of Captain America's Super Serum. The various Green Goblins and Hobgoblins from Spider-Man comics used a serum that involved this trope mixed with a little bit of Psycho Serum since the Goblin formula increased a person's strength and intellect but also made them Ax-Crazy. In Earth-65, Jesse Drew (a male version of Jessica Drew) was bitten by alien moon spiders, and the antidote that saved his life also granted him the abilities of his Prime Earth counterpart.
Batman villain Bane (who also appeared in Batman: The Animated Series) got his superhuman strength from Venom, a steroid-like chemical derived from Miraclo. Also The Creeper got his strength and agility from a super serum, later changed into nanocell serum.
Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke the Terminator, received increased strength, speed and endurance through an experiment conducted by the US Army.
Elongated Man gets his stretchy power from a substance called Gingold — usually fatal in its pure form, Elongated Man's metagene fortunately allowed him to drink it as much as he wanted.
Hourman got his powers from the "miraculous vitamin" Miraclo, which gave those who took it superhuman strength and speed for exactly one hour.
Johnny Quick, The Mirror Universe Evil Twin of The Flash, uses an extract of his predecessor's blood to give him super-speed powers. Rex the Wonderdog got one suspiciously similar to that received by Captain America, complete with Nazi attack destroying the rest of the serum and killing the inventor.
Static and the rest of the Dakota Bang Babies received their powers from being exposed to an experimental mutagenic gas during a massive gang fight. The French Asterix books concern a Gallic town which fends off Roman domination by use of a magic potion which grants superhuman strength.
The Top 10 comic series, which is a Homage to comic book tropes to begin with, has a whole subculture of power-granting drugs, such as "goose juice" that gives Super Speed. Bamse gets his super-ursine strength from "dunderhonung", thunderhoney, which is disqualified from being Power-Up Food because it is not just regular honey, but has to be mixed correctly with various herbs and spices (the working ingredient is appearently a rare flower that only grows on a single island in the Aegean, guarded by a seven-headed monster). One of the ongoing plot threads in Empire centers around discovering the secret of the production of Eucharist, a highly addictive substance that supercharges the abilities of those who take it.
Daniel Clowes Captain America parody "The Battlin' American" has horrible addiction problems requiring him to take regular doses of the super serum. Nedor Comics character the Liberator was a chemist who discovered an ancient Egyptian potion called "Lamesis", which grants super-human strength and speed when ingested. During Final Crisis, Tawky Tawny was able to defeat Kalibak thanks in part to his legendary tiger tea, which briefly grants one the strength of ten.
Child of the Storm has Erskine's original serum in Steve and his descendants, as it turns out - as Carol Danvers demonstrates, it just requires a sufficient kick in the genetic pants to do more than slow ageing and give a very slightly enhanced condition.

The Russian Infinity Formula, given to Natasha, Ivan Petrovitch and the Winter Soldier, in the latter case to stabilise his enhancements by Zola.
Maya Hansen's Extremis formula, the basic version being the one seen in the film, though refined by Arnim Zola it becomes its infinitely more terrifying comic book variant - it allows you to reprogram someone's genetics to, essentially, do whatever the hell you want them to, within certain ill-defined power limitations. Juicer from Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World gains Super Strength from a super steroid, as well as Getter Ray treatment. In the Worm fanfic, Intrepid, Panacea's ambrosia can be used to give a minor Brute power, along with other effects. The lead character in the film Senseless gained Super Senses through a regimen of injections given to him as part of a pharmaceutical test. The protagonist John Grimm of the Doom film adaptation is injected with a 24th chromosome which boosts his physical capabilities enormously, enabling him to plow his way through a building full of ravenous mutated monsters. In 2008's The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner's mutation into the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is due to his experimentation with the original Rebirth Project super-soldier serum. In the Bowery Boys movie Hold That Line, Sach mixes a bunch of random chemicals together and drinks down the mixture. The loans can't be used to cover the minimum 3.5 percent, senior HUD officials told reporters on a conference call Friday morning.
For first-time homebuyer tax credit was enacted last year--and improved upon earlier this year--to help encourage households to enter the housing market while interest rates are low and affordability is high.
The credit does not have to be repaid, and is fully reimbursable, so households can get their credit returned to them in the form of a payment. Learn more about the credit, including how to apply for it this year even if you've already filed your taxes, at REALTOR.org. Crist said he hopes the bill (SB 360) will boost Florida’s sagging construction industry and create new jobs by making it easier to build in urban areas and extending the life of existing development permits for two years.
Environmentalists, the growth management advocacy group 1000 Friends of Florida and the Florida Association of Counties had urged a veto.
Most of the argument has been over a provision designed to correct an unintended consequence of an existing growth management law that requires ample roads and other transportation facilities to be in place before development can occur. The new law is intended to channel that growth back into cities by lifting transportation concurrency requirements in what are termed dense urban areas. The problem is the measure’s 1,000 people-per-square-mile definition of an urban area is too broad and will include suburban and rural sectors, said 1000 Friends president Charles Pattison. Florida Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Mark Wilson also praised the legislation while criticizing “special interests and others” for making “a last-minute push to politicize” the issue.
Crist also cited a provision calling for a study of mobility fees that would replace transportation concurrency and spread costs for new roads and other facilities more broadly across communities. The fee concept has drawn support from all sides in the growth management debate, but Pattison noted the state already is conducting the study, so there was no need to put it in the law.
Whatever your needs, we'll help you find itFURRY GROWTHSubscriber growth comic woman furry conventions started in ms moss.
A good Registry Cleaner will always clean and repair thousands of different types of errors. For obvious reasons, depictions of this took a nosedive due to Moral Guardians, as depicting heroes taking what seemed to be drugs became a strict no-no.
You're most likely to see this being done by villains, with an Anvilicious addiction metaphor in effect.
There are badass normals everywhere, and they can frequently match up against the likes of the super powered individuals just fine. According to the story, Ryo was born in poverty in Central America, and ended up used as a test subject and injected with a form of LSD. Abraham Erskine, and failed attempts to recreate it are common plot points in both the regular and Ultimate universes. However, he learned the hard way that is not enough; the subject taking the serum then has to have it activated and stabilized in his body by a radiological treatment using "Vita-Rays" in order to take it into his system safe. While Omega Red did gain most of Caps powers, he is constantly dying and has to drain the life-force of others in order to livenote Some issues have it that instead of (or alongside) life-draining, he has a "death spore virus" that will eat him alive if he doesn't transmit it to others. The research was not classified or ever used by the military because they wanted a quick fix; the natural super soldier would take a lifetime of dedication to produce. Not only did he get his powers by taking "the Professor's secret serum", but comics-that-never-happened from the 1980s showed it blossoming into a full addiction metaphor. When Iron Lad came to recruit Elijah's brother, Elijah claimed to have gained superpowers through an emergency blood transfusion, but really was gaining powers artificially with MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone), an illegal street drug that causes brief periods of super-human abilities.
This is Lampshaded brutally in every scene they appear in when they make a comeback in the Runaways series. Which in turn was reverse engineered from Wolverine, in the same experiments that created mutants. He was made to believe that he needed to keep taking regular doses of the "antidote" in order to stay alive, but in actuality it simply allowed him to keep his powers. In a Continuity Nod, it later appears in Batman Beyond as a street drug and future-Bane has become a wheelchair-bound invalid due to the damage a lifetime of Venom use wrought on his body. In Batman: The Animated Series his powers came from the very same acid bath that created the Joker, combined with a blast of the Joker's very own laugh gas.
In the TV version (Arrow), he received these same enhancements through an experimental drug called Miracuru (The Miracle).

Miraclo turned out to be addictive, and both the Golden Age Hourman and his son who took up his mantle had to fight the addiction. It made him strong and smart enough to win medals during the war (among other increasingly ludicrous accomplishments), and then survive for forty years naturally (after that, he drank from the Fountain of Youth and lives unnaturally). In one entry, Asterix entered the (original Greek) Olympic games, only to be penalised for use of the potion (rather like steroid use in the modern Olympics, which is sort of funny since the original Olympics encouraged the use of performance enhancing drugs since it made for more interesting competitions). However, something like Ralph Dibney's metagene above must also be involved, since most people just gets three days of stomach cramps from eating dunderhonung, and it seems to run in the family. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Doctor Horrible makes a super-serum using Captain Hammer's DNA.
On more than one occasion, it is observed that almost every attempt to replicate it has failed, however, there have been a few successes. For most ponies it's just alcohol, but the Royal Order of Timekeepers knows meditation techniques which make it work as a Caffeine Bullet Time-inducing Super Serum. Apparently, said chromosome mutates you into a horrible monster if you're a bad person and turns you into a Super Soldier if you're a good person. A combination of the fact that he didn't know what he was doing (the military had told him the work was for radiation resistance) and his replacing Vita-Rays with Gamma radiation led to his transformation. Department of Housing and Urban Development on so-called home buyer tax credit loans that was released today. The credit is worth up to $8,000 and is available to households that haven't owned a home in at least three years.
They argued the legislation will encourage sprawl and make Florida’s roadways even more crowded than they are now. Instead of focusing growth in urban areas, concurrency has shifted it to outlying and rural areas because roads there are less congested and cheaper to build. State review of large regional developments also will no longer be required in those areas. RegistryFix is super easy to use, offers the most in-depth scan, a very high satisfaction rate and is our top choice. If (as in the case of Captain America, pictured right) only one person gets it, it's a Disposable Superhero Maker.
The OVA revival Eight Man After used plain old experimental Super Serum — in contrast to the Psycho Serum all the other cyborgs had to use. In the anime this was changed to a pendant that emitted special EM waves due to Moral Guardians' concerns about the similarity to the then-emerging Heroin epidemic. That last part is quite literal: constant abuse ages Hody's crew from their prime to old men within a day. Rather than screwing with his mind, this instead gave him superhuman reflexes and a heightened sex drive, including Gag Penis. Every time they explain their back story another character says "So you got your powers from drugs, I bet the parent groups love you" to which Cloak usually declares that he is not supposed to be a role model. In the comics, he also suffered severe problems from continued Venom use, but eventually got himself clean and now relies solely on his (considerable) natural strength.
He finally won a race by tricking all opponents into using the potion previously mixed with a blue food colorant. However, while he does gain Hammer's Super Strength and endurance, his intelligence is reduced to his level as well, resulting in a mindless series of Megaton Punches, until Horrible takes the antidote, becoming smart again but also scrawny and weak. The source of the Abomination's powers is a double dose of the serum combined with a blood transfusion from Banner. A Superhuman Transfusion (especially if it's from someone who drank Super Serum) usually has the same effects. Logia allow you to control and turn yourself into an element, Zoans give you shapeshifting and increased physical abilities, and Paramecia grant random, often strange powers such as the ability to produce wax or soap bubbles. A Bodyguard Betrayal and ambush causes him to lick it up himself, transforming him into the largest Titan seen so far. This is brought up again later where a modified version of the drug that gave Cloak his powers is mixed with mutant growth hormone and sold on the black market as the drug Darkforce, with the slogan "You wanna go night flying?" Superpowers are quite the buzz, apparently. This appears to have been done as part of an effort to provide visible ties between Marvel Studios' adaptations of their canon characters - in this case, laying groundwork for the Captain America film. But occasionally extremely powerful ones like Whitebeard's Quake Quake fruit show up as well.
Eren later drinks one labelled "Armor" which enables him to have the armor producing ability seen by the Female Titan.
He considers himself Blessed with Suck (despite being the type who would not pick a different career if cured or feel bad about the fact that he must kill to survive.) and seeks the c-synthesizer, as carbonadium is the only thing that can neutralize the virus. However, it's hard to know if he was born with that or if that's part of what was done to him. Certain fake sexual almost not-a- convention-furry-event-style-thingie-in-minnesota cat days. Grow growth norpramin pertofrane dothiepin gravel bottom hi friends, experts, favorite celebrities.

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