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Men have lost the DNA code that once made human penises spiny, according to a new analysis of the human genome. Penile spines, which are still present in several modern animals, are usually small barbs of keratina€”a type of hard tissuea€”that line the outside of the organ. The prehistoric male enhancement existed in the common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans, which lived about six million years ago, according to the gene analysis. These deletions have brought about various changes to our bodies, for instance, boosting our brain sizes and stripping our faces of sensory whiskers.
The DNA deletionsa€”actually the result of rare cell mutationsa€”do not hinder the overall function of a gene, the study authors noted. Co-author Bejerano emphasized that one of the paper's key messages is that sometimes small changes to DNA sequences can actually lead to larger, more elaborate structures in organisms, such as more complex brains. For instance, such minor genetic shifts have made human penises smoother and simpler over time, according to the study, which appears tomorrow in the journal Nature. For instance, the spines can break through copulatory plugs, or coagulated secretions of fluids placed inside the female by other males to prevent different sperm from fertilizing the egg.

Snook, who studies the evolution of sperm form and function, said theories linking simpler genitalia to monogamy are still tenuous. For instance, a phylogenetic analysisa€”a study comparing the presence or absence of spiny penises in different organisms over timea€”would offer more insight.
Overall, this type of sophisticated DNA research became possible just ten years ago, when the human genome was published, Snook noted. I see Muscovy Ducks basically every where I go so I rarely take any photos of this water birds. In some modern animals, such as domestic cats, penile spines help males fertilize females when sperm competition inside the female is fierce. With informative facts and comedic segments, the graphic is simply a must for any male that is not happy with his size. While the male preoccupation with size lingers on, the infographic sheds a new light on penis sizes and enhancement techniques.
Lack of penis size is not considered a medical condition, unless it is shorter than 1 ? inches when flaccid.

Based on the infographic, the average size of a chimpanzee’s penis is around 8 CM (3.15 inches) long.
According to the graphic, the average erect penis is a little more than 5 inches long and 1 ? inches in diameter. About 3% of men across the world, however, are lucky to have penis sizes that are over 8 inches. If you are suffering from small penis syndrome or are simply not happy with your size, please visit: Male Enhancement PR.

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