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Though breast cancer is the disease that is generally associated with women, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot happen to the male lot. Some common male breast cancer symptoms include ulceration of nipple’s skin, nipple turning inwards or nipple retraction, dimpling or puckering if nipples, firm mass set below nipples and nipple discharge. There are in fact different male cancer symptoms and that most obvious of them is the thickening in breast tissue or painless lump.
In case you are the one facing some symptoms of male breasts cancer or feel that you have some concerns and threats, you should visit the physician at the earliest time possible. Lumps in a woman are often caused by fibrocystic changes, fibroadenomas, and cysts. Fibrocystic changes are painful, lumpy breasts. Answer these, and provide a picture of the human body with the lumps location circles, and i'll be able to help you further. Adenocarcinoma is defined as an epithelium cancer that comes from glandular tissue, containing the glands, the surface layer of skin and other tissues lining the cavities and body organs. There may even be some changes in skin of breast region such as reddened skin, scales, dimpling and puckering. Getting breast cancer should indeed not be taken as a threat to masculinity however it is a common problem that attacks breast tissue which both the sexes share.
The fact that it is a raised symptom, and it itches, could mean there is a foreign entity inside of you.

I have been told it's actually just a misaligned section of the torso, nothing to worry about.
It basically occurs in any tissue of the human body, owing to the omnipresence of glands across the body. It is important to notice the symptoms of male breast cancer in order to detect the problem soon and take proper measures to combat it. Symptoms are most often worse right before your menstrual period, and then improve after your period starts. The malignant form of the gland with exocrine function attached to the cell is termed as Adenocarcinoma. Any of such symptoms should indeed be taken very seriously and the patient should visit the doctor as soon as he observes such signs and symptoms. The lump will most often go away on its own as the estrogen clears from the baby's body. Young girls often develop "breast buds," which appear just before the beginning of puberty.
The term has been derived from ‘Adeno’, meaning thereby ‘related to a gland’ and ‘Carcinoma’ denoting a cancer grown in the epithelial cells.
Currently, the most common lung cancer found among non-smokers is the adenocarcinoma of the lung. They are common around age 9, but may happen as early as age 6. Teenage boys may develop breast enlargement and lumps because of hormone changes in mid-puberty.

Like fibrocystic changes, they occur most often during the reproductive years.They are most often not tender. Although this may be upsetting to boys, the lumps or growth almost always go away on their own over a period of months.
If the fluid removed is clear or greenish, and the lump disappears after it is drained, you do not need further treatment. The only way to be sure, however, is to remove or biopsy the lump. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that often feel like soft grapes. This is a collection of fatty tissue. Milk cysts (sacs filled with milk) and infections (mastitis), which may turn into an abscess. Wechter, MD, FACS, general surgery practice specializing in breast cancer, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA.

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