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Anthony Gonzalez of M83 has announced an exciting new collaboration with film maker, live M83 band-member and brother Yann Gonzalez. You And The Night is based around the story of a young couple and their maid as they prepare for a midnight orgy.
M83, aka NGC 5236, aka the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, is located in Hydra, and about 12 million lightyears distant. This image contains 42 hours of data from CTIO in Chile, processed in Photoshop and PixInsight.
Centaurus A is of intermediate type between elliptical and disk (spiral) galaxies: The main body has all characteristics of a large elliptical, but the pronounced dust lane is superimposed well over the center, forming a disk plane around this galaxy.
The galaxy is a strong source of radiowaves and is one of the closest radio galaxies to Earth, so its active galactic nucleus has been extensively studied by professional astronomers.
Astronomers believe that the striking geometric shape represents an approximately edge-on view of the infalling spiral galaxy’s disk in the process of being twisted and warped by the interaction.

Only one supernova has been detected in Centaurus A, the Type Ia supernova SN 1986G, discovered within the dark dust lane of the galaxy. Located in the southern constellation of Centaurus it is, at about 11 million light-years away, the closest active galaxy to Earth, and is part of the M83 group of galaxies. The twisted galaxy is likely the result of a smaller spiral galaxy falling into a much larger galaxy. The galaxy is also the fifth brightest in the sky, making it an ideal amateur astronomy target, although the galaxy is only visible from low northern latitudes and the southern hemisphere. By taking radio observations of the jet separated by a decade, astronomers have determined that the inner parts of the jet are moving at about one half of the speed of light.
The parallelogram lies along the active galaxy’s central band of dust and stars visible in more familiar optical images.
Ultimately, debris from the ill-fated spiral galaxy should provide fuel for the supermassive black hole lurking at the center of Centaurus A.

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The dusty disk, however, has been the site of more recent star formation; over 100 star formation regions have been identified in the disk. X-rays are produced farther out as the jet collides with surrounding gases resulting in the creation of highly energetic particles.

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