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DescriptionThe M777 lightweight 155-mm towed howitzer is lighter and smaller, yet more powerful than any gun of its kind. It can be equipped with a digital fire control system and loaded with precision-guided munitions that use location data from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and an inertial navigation unit to steer precisely to the target. The M777 provides close and deep fire support without sacrificing range, stability, accuracy or durability. Esta en proceso de sustitucion del obus M198 en el cuerpo de marines y el ejercito de Estados Unidos. El primer contrato de gestion se baso en Barrow-in-Furness en Reino Unido, ademas de la fabricacion y ensamblaje de las estructuras de titanio y componentes asociados del retroceso.

The M777 weighs 9200 pounds compared to the M109 Howitzer at 49,940 pounds, making it highly mobile and easily transportable by C130 aircraft, helicopter or a truck of at least 2.5 tonnes. This gives the artillery the ability to destroy targets with increased accuracy, leading to less collateral damage.
It is equipped with a highly advanced Digital Gun Management System which enables the crew to destroy targets in a very precise manner at all range distances. El M777 tambien es utilizado por el Real Regimiento de Artilleria Canadiense, y ha sido empleado en Afganistan junto con la municion dirigida por GPS apodada “Excalibur”. La integracion final y los tests se realizan en las instalaciones de BAE en Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The M777 can also be combined with the new Excalibur GPS-guided munitions, which allow accurate fire to 30 km. Tambien esta siendo probado por el Ejercito Britanico como candidato a sustituir al L118 en algunos regimientos.

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