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Soldiers outside Mosul, Iraq fire a round to calibrate the M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer.
The fantasy world of Star Wars just got much more real as seven manufacturers recreate the legendary bounty hunter known as Boba Fett. The Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow from TenPoint features a 20-inch wrapped carbon fiber barrel that dramatically reduces weight, noise, and vibration.
When Cold Steel Knives found out that the members of the metal band Whitechapel were knife fans, a custom GI Tanto quickly found its way into production. The all-new Premier Stalker Rifle from Bergara USA features the company's premier action, along with the legendary Bergara barrel. The French Resistance played a critical role in World War II with its revolutionary guerrilla warfare tactics and effective sabotaging. Our round table of military, law enforcement and other industry experts answers the age-old debate between .45 ACP and 9mm ammo. Less recoil, cheaper ammo, higher capacity — read on to learn why LEOs are going back to the 9mm!
An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere.
Rounding up some of the most advanced fighting carbines and combat rifles for the 21st century! Rounding up some of the best new and battle-proven tactical pistols available on the market—from 9mm and 5.7x28mm to .45 ACP!

The Air Rescue Service was initially established in May 1946, though there had already been cases of medics parachuting in to assist injured personnel during World War II.
It was during the Vietnam War, however, that the PJs really became heralded for their successes.
PJs have played a part in virtually every military action since the Vietnam War, including in the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
More focus on training for more anti-access, area-denial threats, where an enemy possesses advanced weapons aimed at U.S. The Australian navy frigate HMAS Warramunga fires its 5-inch gun during a surface engagement. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage Royalty Free ImagesStock Photography & Royalty Free Stock Photos licensed by Publitek, Inc. Over the next few years, training for pararescue personnel had evolved, and by the beginning of the Korean War, each Air Rescue crew included trained PJs. PJs would often be inserted into an area to load injured aircrew onto a jungle penetrator or into a harness for evacuation. PJs received the Air Force Cross for actions during the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993 and during the Battle of Takur Ghar in 2002. Also known as parachute jumpers (PJs), they are qualified combat medics—their mission is to rescue and extract personnel, who are typically injured, from behind enemy lines. By the end of the Korean War, Air Rescue personnel had rescued almost 1,000 men from behind enemy lines and evacuated over 8,000 casualties.

At other times they might have to be inserted and find a downed pilot or crewmember while escaping and evading the enemy in enemy territory. The PJs normally went in on Jolly Green Giant HH3 or Super Jolly Green Giant HH53 helicopters, which typically had their own minigun for support fire.
Currently, PJs are assigned along with combat controllers, tactical air control parties, and special operations weathermen to Air Force Special Tactics squadrons, which can carry out an array of Air Force related special operations anywhere in the world.
These choppers were also part of a “package” that included AH-1 Cobra gunships, A-1 Skyraider “Spad” ground-support aircraft and combat air patrol, which included fast movers.
Two special tactics squadrons are based overseas: the 320th STS at Kadena Air Force Base, Japan, and the 321st SDS at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, UK. For inserting and carrying out rescues in hostile environments, PJs receive training in close-quarters combat (CQC), insertion methods and combat survival. As an indication of the danger faced by PJs in Vietnam, of the 19 Air Force Crosses awarded in Vietnam, ten had gone to PJs.
PJs have also deployed to assist in civilian rescues during natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and to work with NASA to retrieve astronauts and craft that splashdown in the ocean.

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