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Here's your one-stop-shop for the review for the new World Language teacher preparation standards. Peggy Barmore writes in the Hechinger Report that new teacher preparation tests may exacerbate the already existing disparity between white teachers and minority teachers. After detailing the alternative pass measures for the PRE, Breen asks the following of Michigan EPIs. The MDE does not currently collect data on how frequently alternative pass measures for the PRE are used as a replacement, in part or in whole, by Michigan teacher candidates. Inform public media reporters of the incomplete and misleading nature of current PRE performance unmodified from the alternate pass measures. Ask public media reporters not to report PRE performance, either statewide or by MI EPI, until the OPPS has completed collecting and compiling data regarding the frequency of use of alternative pass measures and the impact the alternative pass measures have on the apparent PRE performance.
During the MACTE Board meeting on January 25, members voted to dedicate $500 of MACTE funds to the Flint water crisis by way of connections at the University of Michigan Flint. I am in receipt of the MACTE report on the assessment of Michigan pre-service teacher candidates, dated October 15, 2015.
In the spirit of their inspiration, the theme of the first annual MACTE EDTalks was communication.

MACTE is the state affiliate of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. In addition to viewing a recording of the recent webinar on DARTEP's page, you will also be able to download a copy of the PowerPoint that accompanied the webinar and a copy of the rubric that may be helpful in conducting your internal program review.
While advocates for the new, more strenuous tests say they hope the increased rigor will encourage all applicants to perform better, regardless of demographics, Barmore reports that the more expensive and more difficult tests may only serve to further disenfranchise groups struggling with the current tests. Many board members are also working with home institutions to raise other funds to aid the people of Flint.
The recommendation MACTE forwards in replacing the PRE with a PRAXIS test to satisfy Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) 380.1531, paragraph 14, stating that a basic skills examination must be passed before a teacher candidate is enrolled for student teaching.
At the 2014 Fall Conference, teacher education professionals took the spotlight for six minute speeches about topics of concern in regards to teacher education, from the creation of new programs to upgrading old ones, and a few items in between. The PowerPoint contains hyperlinks to a number of key documents and websites referenced in the webinar, including the new World Language standards, the endorsement program application, and the Language Testing International website. If you have questions about raising or sending funds to Flint, please contact MACTE leadership. Here the students will answer a series of questions based in the realm of the classroom activity.

The questions are mostly short response and extended response with more justifying solutions. I good way to practice in the classroom is by having students take data, create tables, and then make claims about the data.
There has been a mistake on the test administration papers that says a student with accommodations may use a calculator but it is the exact opposite. If you work with scientific calculators, you will want to have students practice with this type of calculator. Unlike the basic calculator, the student will be able to see the numeric expression that they enter.

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