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12 Sensational Weekend Ideas, the truth about Parrot Heads, 'The Irish and How They Got This Way', Face the Music, Eat & Run, Bar Guide, Indie Film and SO MUCH MORE! She has been obsessed with - and inspired by - music since she listened to Monkees records borrowed from the town library when she was six years old. Sometimes you just need to get our of your living room and revel with like-minded sports fans for the cheering, the camaraderie, the exhilaration, shared cries of disappointment and elated moments of hand-stinging high-fives. When gymnast Gabby Douglas sticks a landing, you just might need to hug the person next to you. To help you carry your own torch of Olympics elation, we’ve rounded up some spots where you can watch the games on multiple TV screens and cheer on your favorite athletes and teams from the 206 nations who will partake of 306 events in 28 sports. You’ll see the moment the torch is lit on a big screen and cheer on athletes from everywhere as they parade into Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Rivalries is going all in for the summer games and many of its 32 TVs on two levels will be tuned to the Olympics.
Red Sox fans celebrate at Rivalries in Portland after the Boston won the World Series in game four against St.

Petur Petersen, center, and other fans react at Ri-Ra in Portland on Monday, June 27, 2016 as Iceland nearly scores a goal in the second half of their match against England. Everywhere you look you’ll see a screen, as Binga’s has 50 TVs hanging throughout its huge space. With more than 30 flat screen TVs, some of which are gigantic, and a massive menu of chicken wings and other nosh-ables, Buffalo Wild Wings is a family-friendly spot that is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. She bought her first Rolling Stones record at a flea market when she was in 7th grade and discovered David Bowie a year later. When some break-out runner you’ve never heard of breaks a record in the 100 meters, you might need to buy the bar a round. You can count on the ceremony being a huge spectacle of colorful costumes, stunning visuals and mesmerizing musical numbers.
The upstairs bar has a large-screen one and, since tearing down a wall, there’s plenty of seating.
You might catch a rogue Red Sox game on a screen or two but expect a whole mess of summer games filling up their screens.

When Michael Phelps stands on the starting block about to mine for gold in the 200-meter butterfly, the excitement will be palpable, and you’ll want to share the moment. The Victorian Bar is the main bar of the space and will have a giant drop-down projector screen set up. You'll also find her out and about absorbing live music like a sponge and roaming around local record shops and flea markets. Ri Ra recently had a sound system installed that will allow TV audio to run throughout all of the bars or can be customized for each one.
It’ll be almost like being there if you use your imagination … and have a few beverages.

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