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Mahendra Singh Dhoni (born on July 7, 1981 in Ranchi) well known as “Mahi” is the current captain of the Indian cricket team. Dhoni was unbeaten in the innings and scored 183* runs with 15 fours and 10 sixes at a strike rate of 126.2 versus Sri Lanka at Jaipur on  October 31, 2005 and stood on the crease for 210 minutes and faced 145 balls.
Dhoni played unbeaten innings of 139* runs including 15 fours and 5 sixes at a strike rate of 143.29 against Africa XI at Chennai on June 10, 2007. He whacked 124 runs in 107 balls at a strike rate of 115.88 including 9 fours and 3 sixes against Australia at Nagpur on October 28, 2009, batted for 141 minutes and was caught in the innings. His unbeatable innings of 109* runs comprising 6 fours and 6 sixes came from 96 balls at a strike rate of 113.54 versus Hong Kong at Karachi on  June 25, 2008 which took 121 minutes. Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored 107 runs including 8 fours and 2 sixes in 111 balls at a strike rate of 96.39 versus Sri Lanka at Nagpur on December 18, 2009.

Mahi played unbeaten innings of 101* runs including 9 fours at a strike rate of 94.39 against Bangladesh at Dhaka on January 7, 2010. He slammed 96 runs with 10 fours and 3 sixes at a strike rate of 90.56 against England at Jamshedpur on April 12, 2006, batted for 174 minutes and faced 106 balls. MS Dhoni smashed 95 runs including 6 fours and 2 sixes at a strike rate of 73.07 versus West Indies at Kingston on June 28, 2009 and batted for 201 minutes and faced 130 balls. He stood on the crease for 140 minutes and nailed 94 runs in 96 balls with 4 fours and 2 sixes at a strike rate of 97.91 versus Sri Lanka at Colombo on February 5, 2009 and was caught in the innings.
Under his captaincy, India won 2011 World Cup in which India beat every previous world cup winning team.
He scored his first century against Pakistan in 2005 with 148 runs. His highest ODI score is 183* against Sri Lanka in October 2005 at Jaipur.

As of August 2011, he had scored 6,285 ODI runs with 7 centuries against 6 nations, namely Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa XI, Australia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and 41 fifties. According to the SportsPro magazine, Dhoni is 10th most valuable brand in field of sports worldwide and number 1 among all Asian superstars.

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