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Sometimes when meditating your eyes water, which can feel like crying but is obviously different. Your eyes water when you meditate because they are simply relaxing and cleansing themselves. So one potential reason for your eyes watering during meditation is because they are cleaning themselves.
The main reason why you cry when you meditate is because you’re facing emotional realities that you usually do not permit yourself to face.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When you’re living a busy life it’s fairly easy to see how dirt and toxins can get into your eyes. Why does meditation make me cry, I thought it was supposed to make me relaxed and happy, but I always start crying. Then again, maybe you don’t smoke but you work outdoors, in which case you may be getting various substances in your eyes.

And all the while media extolls the supposed superiority of the cold heart and the impenetrable mind.
This prevents your eyes from cleansing themselves until you later relax—perhaps while you’re meditating, when your eyes will relax enough to clean themselves.

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