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What made Mahalakshmi famousMahalakshmi Devi Kanaka durga is decorated as MahaLakshmi, Mahalakshmi is famous for her DHAIRA quality, she did play a vital role in MAHISHASURA mardhanam.
Mahalakshmi Layout, is not only known for religious reasons, but is popular also because of the free medical services it offers.
Vijayalakshmi, disciple and daughter of the well- known dance exponent Bharathi Shivaji performs Sollu Kattu in Mohini Attam style.

Gentle Mohini Attam a classical dance form of Kerala, is at once cativating and celestial- true to its name, suggesting the dance of the nymphs.
The second is a Bharatanatyam number by Lata & Gita, the directors of this dance serial, who have earned a formidable reputation as being in the forefront among dancers of the younger generation.

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