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More than 75,000 Sikhs marched through the streets of Toronto Sunday afternoon, organizers said, for the 27th annual Khalsa Day parade and celebration. The event — which marks Vaisakhi, the Sikh New Year, with traditional music, hymns, prayers, and food served from the langar, a communal kitchen — kicked off at 9 a.m. Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak, and Premier Dalton McGuinty are among the government dignitaries attending. When Gippy and Binnu are sitting in front of the laptop in the scene where they see Surveen’s photograph for the first time, Binnu’s laptop is off. Also the scene with Surveen and her mother along with Rana Jung Bahadar at her supposed to be ultra rich mansion in Canada was meant to be shot in Canada, whereas it was quite obvious that it was shot in Punjab in a normal house. The whole Japji Khehra and her family taking Gippy for their son-in-law is lifted from Dhai Akshar Prem Ke. The story and plot had been dumbed down to such a level that even a child would understand but I guess some people still need to be spoonfed.
And you simply jumped the gun and declared that my review is not consistent without even seeing the movie.
Know that the amount of criticism you receive may correlate somewhat to the amount of publicity you receive.
And don’t expect me to be nice to you and plead for your mercy, especially when your own tone has one single purpose of demeaning me and has nothing relevant with the review. Everyone who’s reading this review please get-up from your chairs and give her a round of applause. More emphasis was given on comedy scenes and they were stretched to huge lengths without any relevance with movie. Maybe next time onwards, the film makers will give a copy of the timeline along with the movie ticket receipt so that specially abled people like our friend here get the story. I could have tried to reason with him with proper arguments and all, but he would have come back with more insults.

I think he could have used this character in a bigger role in some other movie because in this movie he has been wasted. In fact I’m sick and tired of the same cliched mother roles that we see in all Punjabi movies. Most of you will find them hard to stomach, but I just watch the movies in too much detail. The whole premise was Gippy’s lies for keeping her mother happy and have villagers off his back. Is that even a name of just another one of your ego trips and you have tenacity to complain whether mine is real. You should have first gone to the movie and then come back with counter arguments about the points I’ve made. I did not ask you to read the review, I did not ask you to leave the comment and certainly didn’t ask you for advice on how to write reviews. If someone is being logical and maintaining the decorum, i will also respond in kind, but if the other person is sitting on a hot seat, i will also jump the gun. For those who do not like to go into the details and just want the opinion, here’s the quick review- I liked this movie and in all probability you will like it too. She could have cracked jokes, she could have gone into farcical comedy, she could have done a lot of things to capture screen but she didn’t do any of that. In Singh vs Kaur Navniat Singh has successfully done that and gave Binnu Dhillon just as much screen presence as he deserved. These issues might not even matter to most of the viewers, but nonetheless they are issues. He was kicking and punching rather well, but the scenes were more about stylized running shots and less about actual fighting.
He even goes to Canada wasting 7 lakhs of his money, but when it comes to wrap up the film, they simply finish it off in one single scene at Gurudwara.

It will probably do quite well on box office, but Punjabi Cinema seems to be going towards farcical movies. I have decided not to reply to any offensive post or at least not stuck my nose where it is not needed!
I don’t know what he has eaten since Carry on Jatta, at least when it comes to acting, he has greatly improved upon his comic timings and improvisational skills. Most of the time they are shown as simple women of village, but still they wear matching lipstick and jewelry at home.
Poora english da muqabla chal reha… Film nalon jiyada problem sabnu eh lagdi a k eh review eddan kyon likya. I see a lot of potential in her and I think she deserves better characters where she can show her acting skills. What matters is that you say that you review movies in Canada and in your first comment you declared that in all probability you aren’t going to watch the movie anyway. You can do more justice to your readers by sticking to the film, its story and the characters and not saying – how you tell it like it is. Grewal, you’ve rightfully earned my respect and you will be earning a lot of respect from the audience as well.
Good movies are good regardless if they become hits and bad reviews are bad reviews despite the reviewer’s penchant for self glory.

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