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You will be happy to learn that with Android powered smart phones you can download m-Indicator app which provides complete details of transport right on to your mobile phone. The time table includes the Mumbai Central, Western Railways, Thane Vashi timetable & general India time table. The application has developed and the recent improvements includes the new service of ‘picnic spots near Mumbai’ which allows you to list of various places and resorts in Mumbai or anywhere in Maharastra. The application also includes the movie timings in Mumbai as well and also the Sodexo outlet locator too. Once you do that, one SMS will be sent for your registration and for which national charges will be applicable.
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Railway Protection Force and M-Indicator jointly launched the “Help “app was inaugurated by Railway Minister Mr.

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I was lost one day when I had to change train from Harbour line to Central line and later to Western line and I ended up reaching late for the pre scheduled meeting and I googled about train time table and came across this awesome app called m-indicator! Whether you travel by Mumbai local trains daily or regularly take a bus this application provides the complete information on time table and the fare as well. Not only the complete information of Mumbai trains and bus are available but you can also find the auto and taxi approximate fare by which you can understand how much would be the approximate cost to your destination.
Among the other improvements includes the Indian Railways PNR Status Check which works via the internet or SMS access. Not only train, this piece of software will give you information of Bus route, Auto fare , Taxi Fare, Mega blocks, Classifieds,Natak, Picnic spots, PNR, Movies and Sodexo. This app will be useful for Local Train Travelers women .From this app a troubled  woman  can send SMS directly to two members of her family in case of emergency.

In this fast city you may need time table for train, buses, etc if you don’t want to waste time!
For any new comer or for a personal who regularly commute as a part of their daily life schedule to reach office, college or school from home and vice-versa, knowing the time table, fare is very much handy.
The fare information on this app is so accurate that it provides fare from any station you choose from and its will show you the update data as well. In that SMS ,the current area of that woman will be noted automatically .Also ,if she clicks on “Help “Icon ,an instant alert message will get to Western and Center Railway Security Force ,by which , that she  can get help urgently.
I hope you guys keep up the good work and add more and more useful links in m-Indicator which would help us in our day to day life.

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