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A simple line of dialogue uttered by a man on trial for murder — a man beseeching the unflinching figures that surround him to understand that he cannot control his homicidal tendencies, that they are, in fact, a part of his genetic makeup.
The central figure is Hans Beckert (a 26-year-old Peter Lorre), a notorious child killer on the run from the law. Released in Germany in 1931, during the Weimar era, M was Lang’s first foray into the world of talkies. Lang’s artistry as a director and storyteller is matched by the until-then unprecedented performance from Lorre. Lang, a man synonymous with both German Expressionism and film noir, created a towering cinematic achievement — one that continues to resonate with viewers to this day. The Criterion Collection release of Fritz Lang’s M is available from Amazon on Blu-ray and DVD.

Despite an exhaustive investigation fueled by public hysteria and outcry, the police have been unable to find him. So, it seems only fitting that M is sprinkled with scenes that contain very little, if any, dialogue. A (wannabe) movie buff who just wants to spend her days writing about classic film, she also loves history, travel, hockey, literature and anything related to Scotland. The police crackdown makes it nearly impossible for the organized criminal underground to operate. The criminals decide that the only way to get the police off their backs is to catch the murderer themselves. With both the police and Berlin’s underworld bosses on the hunt for Beckert and his latest victim, a little girl named Elise (Inge Landgut), Lang expertly juggles his revolving cast of characters.

Shadows flit across walls, muffled voices rise in anger and corrupt underworld bosses prowl the streets and get involved in the police investigation in a perverse attempt to sway the attention away from their own crimes. He’s more pathetic man-child than our grotesque, exaggerated image of a child predator. Beckert may be the central villain, but M is chock-full of loathsome characters and unjust procedures. Lang captures a city in chaos — one reeling from all the child murders in an era of great change for the nation of Germany.

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