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Linux Server tutorials and Web Hosting Tutorials and CentOS Tutorials for Plesk, cPanel, Cloudlinux, Redhat and more. If you already have a Local Google+ Page, you can type in your Business Name and it will automatically come up with your Business Name and Address.
You can shorten the length by deleting unnecessary data in the url like in the example below, but it will not auto display your business marker on the Google Map along with your business information. If you currently do not have a Local Google+ Page for your business, you can type in your Business Address and follow the same steps above. Now you need to manually edit the contact.tpl file in Opencart using Dreamweaver or even Notepad for Windows and gedit for Linux.
Now copy that file to your local computer for editing, some premium hosting providers allow you to manually edit the HTML in a file using the File Manager.
Here is the iFrame regarding the Google Map Location on the premium opencart template I’m editing. The tool lets you easily and quickly embed Google Maps in your web pages, or any where you need to put the map. Below is the example I used, I edited the iFrame to match the iFrame in the Opencart Template.
Copy and paste your new iframe over your old iframe in your favorite editor or using File Manager, if your file manager enables editing files. If editing locally, go ahead and upload the file and check your Opencart Contact US page Map Location to see if it displays correctly. Postfix Fix File Permissions Plesk SMTP Postfix-Script Postdrop when you run postfix check and get errors run postfix set-permissions to fix this problem. This fix postfix permission tutorial was written using CentOS converted to CloudLinux running Parallels Plesk Panel 12 in VMWare ESXi.
I searched Google for a very long, long time on how to Postfix Fix File Permissions but none of the posts I read while searching Google for fixes didn’t work.
When I was checking out what other commands postfix has I saw that if you start typing postfix and keep hitting tab that to show what other commands it can run. This entry was posted in Email Servers Help and tagged Fix Postfix permissions, fix smtp permissions, lee claxton, Lee Claxton Sarasota, lee j claxton, Lee James Claxton, owner+group+world executable, Postfix Fix File Permissions, Postfix Fix Privileges, Postfix-Script Postdrop, SMTP Fix Permissions on October 27, 2014 by Alpha Computer and Web Services in Sarasota Florida. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to Installing Installing SMTP IMAP POP3 SSL Certificate Plesk Linux, works for all Parallels Plesk Panel versions, in this tutorial I’ll be using Parallels Plesk Panel 12 running CloudLinux. When creating your ssl certificate chain you need to put them in the correct order, depending on which SSL Certificate you bought. If you bought a Comodo SSL Certificate you can scroll down to see how I installed our Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL Certificate in our email server.
This is the order in which you want to include in your smtp, pop3 and imap ssl certificate files. You might need more Intermediate CA Certificates in your chain depending on which ssl certificate you bought.
Here is a link to SSL Certificate chain tester running our plesk panel, you’ll see it shows the certificates it used in the correct order. If all has gone well you will have successfully installed your ssl certificate in postfix, courier imap and courier pop3. This entry was posted in Email Servers Help and tagged Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate, Email Server Enable SSL Encryption, Installing Courier IMAP SSL Certificate, Installing Courier POP3 SSL Certificate, Installing Postfix SMTP SSL Certificate, Installing SMTP IMAP POP3 SSL Certificate Plesk Linux, lee claxton, Lee Claxton Sarasota, lee j claxton, Lee James Claxton, Linux Email Server, Parallels Plesk Panel 12, Plesk Email Server on October 8, 2014 by Alpha Computer and Web Services in Sarasota Florida.
If you’re looking for an alternative email client, or looking to use a second email client if you have a lot of email accounts.
This entry was posted in Email Servers Help and tagged Encrypted Email Server, imap, lee claxton, Lee Claxton Sarasota, lee j claxton, Lee James Claxton, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Enable Encryption, Outlook Enable SMTP Authentication, Outlook Plesk Connection, pop3, SMTP on September 23, 2014 by Alpha Computer and Web Services in Sarasota Florida. Now you will need to edit Courier-Imap both Imap and Pop3 files to increase the MAXDAEMONS to 80 and MAXPERIP to 40.
Edit Courier-Imap Increase Connection Limit in CentOS, CloudLinux or Redhat Based Operating Systems. Now you have to edit MAXPERIP to 80 If for a big business, such as a corporation increase this value a lot more.
You will now need to stop Courier-Imap service and then start the Courier-Imap service for the changes to take effect.
If you have a lot of people connecting from the same location such as a big company or corporation you can increase the connections to even higher limits.
Congratulations you have now successfully increased the maximum connection limit for Courier-Imap on Centos, CloudLinux or RedHat based operating systems. Now you will need to remove psa-mod_fcgid and it will also remove psa-mod-fcgid-configurator and a few other packages. Now  you will need to install mod_fcgid from the CloudLinux repository and restart apache and nginx once complete. Edit: By following these instructions, I was able to successfully shrink both my logical and physical volumes (although I had to remember to activate and deactivate lvm before and after certain commands, which the instructions omit.
After hours of Googling, I finally found this guide providing step-by-step instructions on how to shrink my filesystem, logical volumes, and physical volumes.

There are 2 main points to observe: 1) Do things in order (first shrink the filesystem, then shrink the partition, then shrink the disk). I recommend before doing any of this you take a complete copy of the disk image as it is, then when it all breaks you can simply copy it back to start over. OR 2b) creating a new partition would be simpler (and safer) if you just want more storage space. 3) Finally, if you resized your existing partition, make the filesystem inside the new bigger partition bigger (this is actually in the guide linked above anyway). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged linux virtual-machines kvm-virtualization or ask your own question.
In a business where staff churn is costly, should I let employees lead and request their salary increase? Linux operating system tutorial for beginners and even experienced linux server administrators. From here you can copy the browsers URL, or click the Square with a Plus in it to share the map location and, or right click and copy the link before you share it.
Box, you will have to type in your P.O Box Address and copy the link in the Browser Address Bar. Somewhere inside the box that’s displayed in Google Maps you will find the Post Office your P.O Box belongs to.
If you’re using a premium opencart template your contact us page may, or will be different then the example below. If all is good you have successfully edited your opencart edit contact us page Map location in the Opencart Ecommerce Platform. Even though everything seemed to be working this one error kept annoying me while digging through postfix log files to see what’s going on.
I tried probably close to 40 different tutorials on how to fix postfix permissions on CentOS for Parallels Plesk Panel. When you buy your SSL Certificate and create the CSR you’ll be emailed with all your ssl certificate files, and you might find instructions on how to bundle them, or download the bundle from their website. Click it and use your own search to see if your SSL Certificate chain is in the correct order. In the POP3, IMAP and POP3 SSL Certificate files your Private Key will be first and your Certificate will be second, CA Certificate Chain will be at the end.
We tested up to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, newer versions of Microsoft Outlook may not have this problem. These settings should be good, but if you’re editing the courier-imap server settings for a corporation then increase the settings. How do I remove this from the KVM disk image and give it back to the underlying hypervisor? The trick that most guides miss is the need to actually delete the physical partitions, and recreate them with the correct size, because parted is unable to resize lvm partitions.
You need to boot off a LiveCD in your guest for this, since you won't be able to mess with a mounted partition. Use fdisk or cfdisk, or whatever you feel comfortable with - you should see a whole bunch of unallocated space on your guest disk now. I’m not sure if you can legally use the address, so I take no responsibility for your actions. If you have a commercial web hosting provider, they’ll provide you with a control panel to manage your files using the File Manager, or create an FTP account for your shared web hosting account. After you get to your location click Close on the popup window on the bottom left and it’ll show your PermaLink and copy it. Thunderbird automatically detects encryption enabled email servers and takes only minutes to setup.
If so, use the Advanced IMAP server Settings dialog to reduce the number of cache connections. I found the virt-resize tool, but it only seems to work with raw disk partitions, not disk images. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us via live chat or submit a ticket. After searching for hours, maybe days I should of just did some good ole sysadmining before I even started searching Google for a fix.
Remember, if using POP3 and than connecting using another email client all your emails will be downloaded in to that email client. Remember, if you ever need help you can click on live help and I’d be glad to help you.
This way you can see the same emails no matter which email client or device you’re using to view your emails.

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