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Microsoft Outlook is a very popular and easy to use email handling application in the business or daily life. Step 1: Open Stellar Outlook PST Repair, and select Outlook file to be recovered from a known location, or find Outlook file to search for a specific PST file in any drive or volume if you do not know its exact location. Step 3: All the Outlook PST files email messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals etc are listed in the left pane, you can preview them.
Uma pasta particular e um arquivo com extensao .pst, usado pelo Microsoft Office Outlook para armazenar as mensagens que sao recebidas atraves do protocolo POP. Unless configured with Exchange or Hotmail account, Outlook cannot work without its data file, the Personal Storage Folders (PST file). Basically, managing PST file is a skill that every Outlook user should have and this guide will help in learning about the same. There is provision to add PST file so that data can be categorized and saved in different PST files. There is a special folder in PST file named ‘Deleted Items’ that can hold almost all type of data (contacts, calendars, emails). By default, ANSI PST file gets created in Outlook 2003 but Unicode formatted new PST files can be created. Unicode PST created with any Outlook edition can be opened with Outlook  2003 and above versions. In Unicode formatted PST file, this space limit was extended to 20GB (2003 and 2007 version). The first value defines how much data (in MBs) a user can write to the PST file and the second value defines how much data (in MBs) a system can write to the PST file. Tip: Just copy the path from dialog box and paste it to the address bar of Windows Explorer.
In case ‘C:\’ drive is formatted, your entire software applications and program files get lost.
Chose “Import Items into same folder in:” and then use the drop down menu to select the folder. PST is a database file and thus when any items is deleted from it or added to it, Outlook does not shrink or expand the PST file. When an item is permanently deleted from PST file, a white space for that item is created in file. A PST file can get corrupted due to variety of reasons and Outlook may throw error messages. However, Scanpst.exe cannot perform message level recovery and thus for that, it is recommended to opt for some third party Outlook Recovery software. Assuming that Windows Server 2008 or above is the domain controller in the production environment. Remark: For non-domain environment, you have to configure the setting by "Registry Editor".

Remark: You may have to create the registry values if it do not exist in "Registry Editor".
Archive emails in Outlook to keep the main Outlook file small and fast.Is Your Outlook Getting Slower?As the pile of mail you keep in Outlook grows, so, typically, does the time it takes Outlook to do what you want it to doAt the horizon—maybe the not so distant horizon—the PST file size limit looms.
No matter whether you want to meet compliance requirements, protect yourself from data loss, or solve technical problems, MailStore Server provides you with a high-performance, intuitive solution that you can install and test for free in just a few minutes. MailStore Server supports most standard email servers, Internet mailboxes, email clients and file formats. Emails can be deleted from mailboxes once they have been archived according to a rule-based process. A comprehensive technology concept ensures that companies using MailStore Server are able to comply with regulatory or business record retention requirements at all times. At the core of MailStore Server is a highly sophisticated storage technology that does not require an external database management system and is available immediately after setup is complete. In practice, this allows for installations that support more than a thousand archived mailboxes and the users who access them. Archive stores are created, by default, in the file system and do not require any further configuration.
When accessing the archive, users can perform a full-text search (including all file attachments) or use the regular folder structure. A range of training is available, from in-depth classes for IT professionals to workshops on popular office tools. When your Exchange account was migrated from Cornell's local servers to Microsoft's cloud servers, the maximum size for attachments was decreased from 50 MB to 25 MB. If you did not have any oversized messages in your account when it was migrated to the cloud, you will NOT have a PST file in this location. On page one of the Import wizard, select Outlook Data File, then click the small right-facing arrow. On page two of the Import wizard, select Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst), then click the small right-facing arrow. Yes, even though this is the procedure for the Mac version of Outlook, you must select the first choice: Outlook for Windows Data File. All Outlook emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries, folders are stored and indexed by the PST file. Isso geralmente acontece quando o computador e desligado incorretamente com o Outlook aberto, quando o HD apresenta algum problema, etc. A PST file stored entire data details of Outlook that is in the form of emails, contacts, calendars, journals, appointments etc. When a new PST file is created, the folders available by default are ‘Deleted Items’ and ‘Search Folders’.
When any item or a sub-folder from PST file is deleted, it goes to the Deleted Items folder and if it is removed from this Deleted Items folder it means it is permanently deleted.

In Outlook 2007 and above, Unicode formatted PST file gets created that supports international character and has capability to store more data than ANSI PST.
If it grows larger than this size, the PST file might get corrupted or Outlook refuses to access PST file anymore. This tool explores for PST file within the system and then shows the location of file with its name, size, system name.
If the PST is saved as its default location in C:\ drive, then there are chances of data loss. All you need to do is copy the PST file from its location when Outlook  is closed and then save it at a safe location like pen drive, CD, DVD, cloud storage-gDrive, SkyDrive, backup tape etc. For this, it is drag one or multiple emails (as MSG), contacts (as vCard) and calendars (as ICS) on desktop and then take their backup. This is done to optimize the performance of application as the process of file shrinking and expanding is a slow process. When PST has 5% of this free space and system is in idle state, Outlook automatically compact the PST file. To fix these problems, Microsoft provides Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) that checks structure of PST file and rebuilds it if required.
The archiving strategy can therefore be customized based on the specific detailed needs of a company. The archive consists of any number of archive stores - for example one per quarter or year - making the solution extremely flexible and scalable to any volume of data or number of users. For specific business needs, an advanced configuration is possible, providing additional options for storage like integration with external databases (Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL). Emails can be recovered using one-click restore or simply opened to forward the message or send a reply. Esse tipo de mensagem aparece logo quando se abre o Outlook com a PST configurada, e impede que o programa seja aberto corretamente. At the time of compacting, the free space in PST is returned to the disk and consequently the file size is reduced.
Of course, you can choose monthly archives if you do have lots of big mail to deal with, or another scheme. When approaching the 2GB limit, if Office SP-1 is not installed, Outlook becomes extremely unstable to the point of not being able to clicking on any message, folder, etc. In this circumstance, you can use Stellar PST Repair to retrieve emails from damaged Outlook PST files.

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