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Then simply copy the text – open a new tab and paste it in the address bar and you’re good to go!
Open a new tab in your internet browser and past in the text to the address bar and hit enter. I love this tip because I get annoyed when I have to click out of my browser to open a Notepad app. By doing this the repayment amount established at beginning is computed to make sure the loan is settled at a specified date in the future. When thinking of Warren Davis, words such as dedicated, unique and talented come to mind for UFV Visual Arts instructors. It is a fitting tribute to honour Warren by creating the Warren Davis Memorial Annual Scholarship in Visual Arts. In honour of Warren and his passion for art, we encourage you to make a donation to the Warren Davis Memorial Annual Scholarship in Visual Arts. To enhance the readability of your notes, Notes lets you change font size and apply basic text styles to your notes.
Note: You can use most standard text editing mouse actions within the text of notes, such as double-clicking to select a word and dragging to select text.

The following standard text editing keyboard shortcuts can be used to perform functions within the text of individual notes.
Note: Text formatting will not be retained if you copy and paste formatted text from one note to another, or to an external text editing application. Thunderbird is my desktop email client of choice and one of the reasons for that is that it is highly customizable.
There are two ways to change the font size of emails in Thunderbird, one is only making the changes temporarily for the session while the other one is permanently making the change.
The easiest way to change the font size is to hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and use the mouse wheel to increase or decrease it.
The changes that you make here are valid for the session which means that they are automatically reset on the next start of the email client. If you have general issues reading emails because of the size they are displayed in, you may prefer a solution that changes the font size of emails permanently. Use the pulldown menus to change the default font size or font type, or click on the advanced button for detailed font formatting options. Here you can modify the default font for proportional, serif, sans-serif and monospace contents, set a minimum font size and select a region you want your fonts be optimized for.

You can still change the font size for individual sessions using the first method described in this post though. Known for his energy, dynamism, and high caliber artwork, Warren Davis will be greatly missed by all who knew him at UFV.
You can make a donation on-line by visiting our Donate Now page to contribute to Warren's fund. The changes are visible right away in the mail pane so that you can use this method to adjust the font size to a level you are comfortable with.
The changes that you make in the menus here are permanent until you modify them again here. Not only has Warren been recognized and awarded by the inclusion of his paintings into the UFV art collection in 2008-2009, Warren was also an accomplished writer, winning the UFV Lower Level Critical Analysis Writing Prize in 2005-2006. You can alternatively use Ctrl and the minus or plus keys on the keyboard, or click on View > Zoom to use the menu to change the font size.

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