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Kegel exercises have long been promoted to help increase women’s libido and cure incontinence.
This is the first and obvious way on how kegel exercises help increase women’s libido. The second way that kegel exercise helps in the increase of women’s libido is by assisting the pelvic area to have better blood supply. So patients who have some challenges with proper blood circulation are challenged in bed as well because of the lack of blood supply in the genital area. The Fibroid Treatment Collaborative and The Women's Center for Continence and Pelvic Medicine - What are Kegel exercises? Exercise has many commonly known benefits, including a longer lifespan, better weight control, stronger bones, increased energy levels, and improved mood.
While these are all great reasons to exercise, there is one more significant advantage: a better sex life. The pubococcygeal muscles are one of the pelvic floor muscles that lay along the bottom of the pelvic floor.
One thing is for certain: the benefits of exercise are endless and can lead to a longer, healthier and happier life.
The site is maintained by students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality. The Technique: Start in a push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart (think of your body as a solid wooden plank).
As well as sculpting you an epic gluteus maximus, squats are known for increasing testosterone levels and blood flow to the pelvis, which means far more intense orgasms. The Technique: When squatting, bend at the hips and knees and lower yourself while keeping your back straight. Again, what you thought was just your girlfriends favourite workout is now a couples exercise routine. The Technique: In Upward-facing dog, lie on your stomach and lift your torso by pressing through your hands. You can’t really go past a sesh of good old fashioned crunches if you want to enhance your sex skills.
The Technique: Lie on your back, hands supporting your neck, knees bent and your feet on your floor.
When it comes to good health, strong muscles and a good mind, low impact workouts gets you there! Some are skeptic about the women’s libido part but even doctors and sex therapists believe that it really does help in regaining sexual appetite. Since kegels promotes the strengthening and thickening of the vagina walls and pelvic floor muscles, one of the end results of faithfully performing this exercise is the tightening of a loose vagina.
This also has something to do with having the right amount of nitric oxide in the body since it functions to loosen the blood stream for better circulation.
It’s not that the Kegels exercise did not work for them but it is highly possible that they were exercising the wrong sets of muscles. Physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and depression. Recent research indicates that people who are physically fit get more enjoyment from sex and are more likely to be sexually active. Some people find it difficult to identify this muscle since they are used less often than various other muscle groups. Despite the advantages of an active life, more than 60% of Americans do not exercise regularly, while a mere 18.8% of adults in 2009 met the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activity. You think all your time spent pumping iron in the gym is just carving you a sweet six-pack and getting you closer to that fine PT you’ve been Insta-stalking? Which means it’s time to get your head out of the lads mags and get your butt back to the gym.
Once you’re familiar with the PC muscles, progressively increase the squeeze duration, intensity and number of reps. It’s a tormenting, all-over posture, muscle and stamina workout that can also help you do you best between the sheets, particularly in the good old missionary position. Engage your abs, squeeze your inner thighs and butt cheeks together, tighten your quads and flex your feet. Lunges, on the other hand, are perfect for building strength, endurance, mobility, balance and core stability so you can go for longer, and get more creative with positions.

Your shins should be as vertical as possible, and your knees should stay directly over your ankles.
Certain yoga poses work to rejuvenate the body and regulate bodily functions, thus improving your sexual prowess.
Roll your shoulders down and lengthen through the crown of your head. Trying Bridge pose? Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Your abs are a critical sex-boosting area to work on as you use your abdominals far more than you think when doing the deed. Bring your body up just enough to get your shoulders off the ground, and try 3-5 sets of 15-20 repetitions.
Cardio exercise toughens the heart, lung capacity and muscles, and in turn improves your stamina and power in the boudoir. Gain strength to command the situation in the bedroom, increase your cardiovascular stamina to last longer and fine tune your, uh, penis muscle like a fine instrument. Your abdominal muscles are directly responsible for your thrust, so get on your back and do some traditional crunches everyday: three to five sets of fifteen to twenty reps. Stand with your feet directly under your shoulders holding one dumbbell in your right hand like a suitcase.
Any pushing and pulling exercise will increase your control in bed as well as your ability to pull her close. When you have better blood supply in your vagina and the pelvic area, it will become easier for your body to feel aroused.
So some of the medication made to increase women’s libido involves the promotion of nitric oxide in the body. To avoid this from happening, you can put your trust in Vagacare Vaginal Weights to help you not only find the right muscle but to maximize the benefits of Kegel exercises such as increasing women’s libido. It also prevents type-2 diabetes, a serious condition that is completely preventable with appropriate diet and exercise. Regardless of age, regular exercise results in greater sexual confidence, desire and ability to attain orgasm. There are even specific exercises, such as Kegel Excercises, that build stronger pelvic floor muscles to increase sexual response, pleasure and the likelihood of reaching orgasm. If you try to stop the flow of urine mid-stream, the muscle that you feel tightening is your PC muscle.
You could join a gym, hire a personal trainer and learn how to exercise correctly and safely. Your pelvic-floor muscles are a group of tissues that act like a sling holding up your organs and intestines. By improving your love-hate relationship with plank pose, you’ll tone your abs and strengthen your core for a range of on-top positions. Upward-facing dog will increase blood flow to your pelvic region and protect your back from any heavy-lifting in the bedroom, while Bridge pose will help you meet her halfway when she’s on top, and Reclined Butterfly pose will loosen up your inner thighs and hips for flexibility. Strengthening your core improves your thrusting ability, strengthens your back and increases your ability to try new, kinky and creative positions. Cardio also enhances energy levels so you’ll be up for it more often, and improves circulation which means (you guessed it) more intense orgasms.
Strengthen your cardiovascular system, and you strengthen your body’s ability to pump blood.
If you want an extra power boost, then lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted firmly on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Bend at the waist, pushing your upper body directly to your right to lower the weight to your knee area and slowly come back up.
Go to your local gym and find the machines for lateral pull-downs, lateral raises, rows, and peck fly.
Women can find out if they are squeezing the PC muscle correctly by inserting a finger in the vagina. For men, the pelvic-floor pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle, for dummies) is by far the most important. As for lunges, step one foot forward and bend both knees to 90 degrees, stopping when your knee is a few centimetres from the ground. Do 15 reps before switching legs or alternate legs as you go.
If you’re opting for Reclined Butterfly, stay on your back and grab your feet to pull them in toward your chest as you use your elbows to press the knees out. Do at least twenty minutes of any cardio exercise three days per week to enjoy harder hard-ons.

Start by slowly raising your butt off the ground, followed by every vertebrae, one by one until it’s just your shoulders and feet holding you up like a bridge. Pick up a bar or a pair of dumbbells on the ground in front of your feet and lift them with your legs slightly bent, then straighten your back. Did you know that you can control your ejaculation, have multiple orgasms and shoot like Peter North if you strengthen your Kegel muscles?
And the more you enjoy sex, the more you would want to do it with your partner making your body naturally increasing your libido. One theory, however, is that exercise leads to endorphin release, creating a sense of well-being that makes people more receptive to sexual activity. Kegel exercises focus on the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) that runs from the pubic bone to the tailbone. If a tightening is felt around your finger while squeezing, then you are clenching the correct muscle. By giving it some much-needed attention, you can support erections, improve blood flow, and even straighten a slightly skew-whiff downstairs situation. Do three sets of twelve to fifteen a day to ensure that you won’t crush her in the missionary position. Start by squeezing and holding for a count of 3-5 seconds, then release and relax for 5 seconds.
The PC muscle lies beneath the sex organs and is responsible for the contractions experienced during orgasm. To strengthen this muscle, squeeze two times quickly then squeeze a third time, count to ten, release and repeat. Complete ten reps on the pull-down machine, then immediately go to the raises, then to the rows and flys. Strengthening this muscle will help in gaining voluntary control over it, thus allowing you to improve your overall sexual performance and satisfaction. The workouts can increase the strength of a male’s erection and help with erectile dysfunction. No one will be aware that you are performing Kegels, which makes it an easy workout to complete on your own time, whether it is in class, at work, while on the couch or even at the gym. It is highly recommended you seek a fitness professional to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly. Kegels are not only used to improve sexual response, but are also commonly done by pregnant women. Pressure is put on the bladder of a pregnant woman, so these exercises help to support the growing weight of the fetus, improve bladder control and prevent involuntary leakage. The best aspect of Kegel exercises is that they can be done discretely in almost any situation.
This is not necessary, and while some sex educators suggest it increases the usefulness of the exercise, doing them on your own is still a great way to develop your PC muscle. Do them while you're getting warmed up, doing them before you have an orgasm, and even try to do them while having an orgasm.
At the beginning, remember to regularly check that you are exercising your PC muscle, and not other muscles. This is something many people do, but it reduces the effectiveness of the kegel exercise Concentrate on breathing and trying to keep yourself relaxed, and only tense the PC muscles you are using.
While some of these can genuinely increase the strengthening exercises, and some of them double as fun sex toys, remember that they are not necessary.
The pelvic floor is vital to female sexual health as these muscles create an internal sling around the vagina. Research has proven that a strong pelvic floor results in more frequent and stronger orgasms.
In fact, a study of 176 women completed in 2010 found that stronger pelvic floor muscles were directly related to arousal, achievement, and quality of orgasm.

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