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Das DEMODULATION ASIC enthalt zwei Empfangskanale fur serielle Bussignale nach der ARINC 429-Spezifikation. Fur ein zuruckgefuhrtes Sendesignal ist ein dritter ARINC 429-Eingang vorhanden, mit dem einfach ein Built-In-Test (BIT) ausgefuhrt werden kann. The DEMODULATOR ASIC contains two reception channels for serial bus signals in conformance with the ARIC 429-specification. For the feedback of a transmitted signal there is a third ARINC 429 input which can be used for carrying out a built-in test (BIT).
Thanks to the large RAM storage capacity, up to 512K measurement points can be captured per channel with the TL2136 or 2 million with the TL2236 when all 36 channels are in use. Depending on the sampling rate, a certain number of channels are available and share the entire device memory.

The logic analyzer software can also be used to control the DS-1302 USB oscilloscope from Acute.
SAS Kabel mini SAS Kabel Multilane Kabel intern miniSAS SFF8087-8087 1,0mUnser Preis 18,74 €inkl. Mittels zweier Auswahl-Eingange kann der dritte ARINC-Eingang auf jeden der beiden Empfangskanale geschaltet werden.
Using two selectable inputs the third ARINC input can be switched onto any of the two receiver channels.
Furthermore, we unfortunately can not offer technical support and no detailed product advices from December 24th to January 3th. In addition to triggering based on logic levels, the edges or signal patterns can also be used as triggers.

Der DEMODULATOR setzt die differenziellen bipolaren "return-to-zero"-Spannungspegel gema? der ARINC 429-Spezifikation in zwei zueinander invertierte TTL-kompatible "non-return-to-zero"-Signale um und pa?t die 75 Ohm Ubertragungsleitung an.
In accordance with the ARINC 429 specification the DEMODULATOR converts the differential bipolar "return-to-zero" voltage levels into two TTL-compatible "non-return-to-zero" signals which are inverted in relation to each other and adapts the 75 Ohm transmission line.

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