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The Labour History Archive & Study Centre has over 80 boxes of material relating to General Elections from around 1910 to 2001. RespondeMauricio Zapata 1 enero, 2012No tengo palabras para agradecer lo que he aprendido en tu blog ….
Respondedaniel 1 enero, 2012Las entradas mas visitadas (con mas de 20000 visitas) en este blog durante sus cuatro anos de vida son las siguientes. RespondeLeandro 2 enero, 2012Que cosa rara, me parecieron las entradas menos interesantes… me uno al pensamiento de Daniel, al parecer los visitantes tienen menos interes por la fisica de la que plantea el blog. Muchas gracias Francis por impartir tus conocimientos tan bellos de fisica de una manera tan simple, saludos desde Argentina! Francis estudio informatica, fisica, se doctoro en matematicas, investiga en ciencias computacionales, le dio clases a ingenierios industriales y ahora imparte bioinformatica a futuros bioquimicos en la Universidad de Malaga. Before you can take action, first you need to understand what exactly radon gas is, where it comes from and why it’s so dangerous. Believe it or not, modern homes are designed with radon resistant construction in order to prevent radon gas from seeping inside, however this is no guarantee it can’t get into your home. Radon is a radioactive gas that is produced as a natural byproduct of various elements undergoing radioactive decay. At this point you’re probably saying, well all this is great but why is it so dangerous?
Radon testing is performed in a home, residence, or business to identify the average radon gas levels inside the structure.
Homeowners can either test themselves using a DIY kit which is conducted and then sent to a remote lab for results collection, or they can hire a local professional. For more information on testing, such as how to test, where to purchase a testing kit and what to do with your results visit our Radon Testing page.
If elevated levels are discovered, you must then hire an experienced professional or contractor to install a mitigation system in your home. Fill out our no-obligation form below to have a licensed Radon contractor contact you immediately.
All throughout the month we’ll be featuring news and information on Radon, and how you can protect your family from this silent killer.
Even if your home was built using these standards, there’s still a chance that the deadly gas can collect inside your home.

There are areas that are more prone to radon problems, obviously but this does not necessarily mean there are areas where radon does not exist. You can also find more information by doing a simple web search in your preferred search engine. Mitigation is quite simply installing a ventilation systems that removes the radon gas from your home and disperses it into the outside air. It is possible for them to be inhaled, where they will stick to the inner linings of your lungs, unable to be removed.
There are several different types of systems, the most common of which just involves running a pipe from under the foundation outside, and connecting it to a fan that pushes the radon gas out. This month, we implore you to share any information you’ve gathered with friends, family and neighbors. We also implore you to take a moment and share this information with people you care about. Sinceramente pienso que tienes el mejor blog de divulgacion cientifica del panorama en lengua espanola.
Don’t be alarmed if your local health department or third party companies announce the availability of free testing kits either. Instead of featuring a relevant news story, or similar piece we’re going to outline all of the information we have available here at Radon Resources. Worse yet, many people know that it’s an issue but blatantly ignore testing, and anything that goes along with it. You could have two homes sitting side by side and one of them could turn up elevated levels while the other could be perfectly safe.
Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in many countries including the US, UK, Canada and more.
An experienced professional can provide guidance and advice how to preceed with mitigation. What this does is eliminate concentrated amounts of radon gas inside your home, making the air much more healthy and less dangerous. Even inside the body they continue to undergo decay, harming the cells they come into contact with — causing lung cancer and other serious pulmonary illnesses. That said, an experienced professional will be able to disclose what kind of system you need and how dangerous the levels in your home really are.

Every year radon induced lung cancer claims the lives of more than 21,000 Americans, and this is because they had no idea they were living with dangerous levels inside their home. If everyone tells just one or two people, we can all save many lives this year and for many years to come. Testing for the presence of radon in your home is very important, and to ensure that many homeowners actually go through with it a lot of sources will give away testing kits at a discount — or free.
In addition, we’ll point out alternate resources where you may find more informations, stats and data on Radon.
There’s a common misconception that it used to be a problem years ago, and has since been solved.
These particles form one of the most dense gases known, that seeps up from the soil and into many areas surrounding it.
That is why it is extremely important for you to test your own home, regardless of local results and patterns. If elevated levels are discovered, then you generally perform a long term test to find the average levels, which are more accurate. This can easily be prevented if we just raise awareness about the dangers of radon, and this silent killer. National Radon Awareness month is a very important time, one that may people actually overlook. After all, we claim quite often that radon is second leading cause of lung cancer, but it helps to have a proven source for such information, right? It’s pretty dangerous stuff, because lung cancer has one of the highest mortality rates of any form of cancer. There are many reasons for this, one of which has to do with the time it takes to diagnose the disease.
By the time most patients have begun to show symptoms and have been diagnosed, it has progressed well beyond a curable state.

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