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Partya€™s election campaigns spokesman January Makamba was responding to a wave of criticism over the results which showed that if the General Election were held today their presidential candidate Dr John Magufuli would win by 65 per cent followed by his main rival Mr Edward Lowassa with 25 per cent. CCM presidential candidate January Makamba has expressed the need for a close monitoring of the economic performance. CCM Presidential hopeful and deputy minister for Communication, Science and Technology Januari Makamba shake hands to his supporters in Singida CCM region office on Friday during seeking signatures to qualify for the presidential nomination.

He promised that if he becomes president he would establish a National Economic Council that would, among other duties, ensure that economic performance is professionally monitored at all times, correcting emerging challenges immediately as they appear. MCT is the main coordinator of the debate.He said CCM received an invitation letter from MCT and replied on September 13 confirming that Dr Magufuli would be ready to participate in the debate.

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