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Will CCM make a generational shift in leadership and choose January Makamba as its candidate for the October 2015 elections? So, a few weeks before the 2010 general election, when the Economist published a long piece on Tanzania, it was met with surprise. Strictly speaking, it’s an extended interview, conducted by Father Privatus Karugendo, a political commentator. Putting down his thoughts like this is admirable – if all those running for president did the same, those making the decisions would be in a much better position. Following straight on from this, the first substantive discussion of policy is on expanding youth employment.
Given that 900,000 young Tanzanians already enter the jobs market each year, it’s not hard to make the case that a plan on this scale is needed.
I wasn’t expecting any different, but I had hoped Makamba would say something about money in politics. Not finding anything of this nature, I asked him directly: Is there a need to change the rules of campaign finance within the party? There’s one more omission however – less measurable, but perhaps more significant than these others. Makamba would like to be seen as a Tanzanian version of Obama in 2008 – young, dynamic, different.
It almost goes without saying that if he is selected as his party’s nominee, he can win the general election. But there is a more significant point: Makamba is arguably the best-placed CCM candidate to draw younger voters away from opposition parties, particularly Chadema, and back to CCM.
In 2015, is it possible to become the CCM nominee without getting your hands seriously dirty in the process?
Watanzania hawatafuti mwanasiasa mkongwe kuwaongoza, wanatafuta kiongozi mahiri na mwadilifu wa zama mpya. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I don’t count him as a serious candidate for 2015, he better target the 2025 which is more realistic.

In over-emphasising economics, analysts may have missed the importance of personality politics. Why the ruling CCM’s new chair might have to start walking back to his car more slowly.
As a child, I was mesmerised by the television, but the images I saw of Africa led me to flee my continent.
Latest commentsMr X in the Congo: How one man fooled the UN, with disastrous consequencesby Blank du BlancX out of 10, bravo.
The magazine had chosen to focus on a young politician of the ruling CCM party by the name of January Makamba, in a surprisingly uncritical interview. And with the same charm and media-savvy that won over the Economist’s writer, he has risen from a rank outsider a few months ago to become a plausible candidate. It’s widely available in Dar – one seller told me it was selling well – and has been printed as a pull-out in various national newspapers.
But Makamba’s answers are given at length – this is told in his words, over fifty thousand of them. Tanzania has often had good policies and good ideas on paper, but corruption, bureaucracy and mismanagement have made implementation problematic. It’s a hot topic, and the book could have been an opportunity to differentiate himself from other aspiring candidates – a commitment to publish his sources of campaign income, for example, or to change the law for future elections. It was summed up by the book’s final pages, where I was looking for a conclusion that brought together the key points and policies into a rounded, coherent whole.
Besides his youth, he is relatively untainted by the corruption scandals of recent years and has avoided the worst excesses of CCM factionalism. Can he convince enough of the party hierarchy that it’s time for a generational shift, that the country and party will be safe in his hands?
He previously worked as President Kikwete’s speechwriter, and his father is a former General Secretary of the party. He has powerful, wealthy opponents who will not give up their chance at the presidency without a fight.
He works for Twaweza, but writes here in a personal capacity – his views do not necessarily represent those of Twaweza.

Naamini kwamba Serikali ambayo haina cha kuficha haiwezi kuwaogopa au kuwa na uadui na vyombo vya habari. Hapa tunaweza kufanya mambo mawili: kwanza, kurahisisha taratibu za manunuzi na kuziweka wazi.
If not, will African Arguments be running upbeat, uncritical features on al the aspirants, or just January Makamba? Surprisingly he didn’t do much enough to implant his supporters into party’s decision making bodies [NEC, CC] during the intra-party elections in 2012, for me that is where the presidency is won or lost!
Felix Costales mara baada ya kufanya mazungumzo ofisini kwake Mtaa wa Luthuli Jijini Dar es Salaam.
Makamba has clearly thought deeply about this – he is not just trying to win the youth vote by telling them what they want to hear, he wants to demonstrate that he has the policies to really make a difference.
Given the recent constitutional debates and the separatist sentiment on Zanzibar, this could be interpreted by some as further evidence of a mainland politician ignoring the islands. Instead, the final lines are a dull, platitudinous comment on strengthening the justice system. He would probably deliver the party a bigger victory than any of the other likely CCM aspirants.
Serikali ikitaka kununua kitu inatangaza wazi na washindani nao wanaweka bei zao wazi, tunafanya mnada wa wazi, ikiwemo kwenye tovuti mahsusi itakayowekwa na Serikali kwa ajili hiyo.
The man is too immature to be considered for such post, I wish Mwalimu would have been around such mention and look of the inexperience shown is an insult to Tanzanians.
Makamba na kufanya mazungumzo ya kudumisha uhusiano baina ya nchi hizo mbili katika sekta ya Hifadhi na Usimamizi wa Mazingira. How Edgar Lungu won Zambia’s presidential electionby Erica Simons-ZhangaThis is probably the most simplistic and one-sided explanation l have read on Lungu's controversial victory. How Edgar Lungu won Zambia’s presidential electionby williamVery good article reflecting the reality on the ground.

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