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This face mask claims to leave your skin feeling hydrated and regenerated and that's definitely what I need right now.
The first two products in this months box I've mentioned are worth over £22 which is more then the whole beauty box and the postage included. I was so excited when I saw that in this months box Glossybox have launched their own make-up range (It was only a matter of time) and the pigmentation of this colour is amazing. A 22 year old fashion promotion graduate with an obsession with all things beauty and fashion related. I'm Sascha, a 32 years old blogger who's heart belongs to beauty, but I also love to talk about all things food, the beautiful London city I live in and how I like to live in it, and most importantly, my gorgeous son Teddy, so here you will find a good mix of all the above plus lots and lots of beauty talk.
Mauve is a colour that's super trendy right now and I can't wait to use this eyeshadow for some make-up looks.

I'm a massive fan of orange juice and having a hand cream smelling of it is like a dream come true. I've never been disappointed by any Glossybox and I've discovered so many amazing products through my subscription. Glad to see Glossy Box launching their own make up too, the colour of that eyeshadow is beautiful! All the products in the Glossybox are normally deluxe and full-size which really does make me think I'm getting great value for money. I haven't found a face mask I've absolutely loved yet so I'm looking forward to giving this one a whirl! This is a lipstick colour I really like, I think this is more of a evening out lipstick but the colour pay off of this lipsitck is amazing.

This hand cream is now living in my handbag and it's so moisturising and leaves my hands smelling SO SO good!
I'd recommend Glossybox as a treat for yourself or if you've got beauty obsessed friends a one off monthly box would make a great present.

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