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Tom Kelly, who directs the Inland Seas Education Association in Suttons Bay and is among the state’s foremost authorities on the Great Lakes, showed me a number of very interesting graphs earlier this week about the falling water levels in the Great Lakes. But data compiled by the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that Lake Michigan is in worse shape.
The National Weather Service just reported that 2007 was among the warmest years on record. Much of the nation’s attention this summer was directed to Lake Superior, where evaporation, much lighter winter snows and unusually dry spring and summer seasons had produced miles of shoreline nobody had ever seen before.

In January, Lake Michigan water levels measured at Ludington were 577.82 feet above sea level. The Deep South and the Great Lakes region have braved a wearying drought since the spring. San Diego forests burned last month.

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