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Born in Baku, capitol of Azerbaijan, to a high-achieving, musically appreciative family, Amina as a child enjoyed her parents’ records of Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass.
Initially writing in commercial pop formats, Amina attended Baku Conservatory and concertized professionally while still a student.
On Sketches, as on her previous albums Above the Clouds (2008), Come Escape With Me (2005), Amina and company revel in a rich and varied program.
Abbreviations: (as) alto sax, (b) acoustic bass, (bjo) banjo, (bg) bass guitar, (bs) baritone sax, (cl) clarinet, (ct) cornet, (eg) electric guitar, (flg) flugel horn, (g) guitar, (kb) keyboard, (p) piano, (perc) percussion, (sousa) sousaphone, (t) trumpet, (tr) trombone, (ts) tenor sax, (vtr) valve trombone, (vibes) vibraphone, (viol) violin, (voc) voice. Spurred by her growing interest in improvisation, she attended the Moscow Jazz Festival in 1988. The album concentrates, though, on the central aspect of her stylistic grasp, which extends from avant-garde experiments (as in September Suite, her shocked and sad response to terrorists attacks on American soil) to multi-keyboard fusion-oriented funk (on Another Me). Weeks later she accepted an invitation to study classical piano and composition in the Netherlands, but was quickly dissatisfied.

Always, her compositions are infused with grace, color and warmth, her solos with confident wit and her fellow musicians’ contributions with passionate originality. They’ve played the Chicago, Portland, Rochester and Tri-C (Cleveland) jazz festivals, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (South Africa), Salvador Bahia Jazz Festival (Brazil), JakArt Festival (Indonesia), in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, in Mexico, Canada and throughout Europe. Amina enjoyed an extended run in Luxembourg of her special project Tehora — for which she adapted Sephardic themes for the original lyrics of Israeli-born, Vienna-raised vocalist Shlomit Butbul. Since she thinks of them as humble Sketches, one wonders what she will accomplish when she sets herself to writing masterworks.

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