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The development team at DICE and publisher Electronic Arts are announcing that they are extending the double experience holiday event for Battlefield 4 until January 5 of next year, giving players even more time to level up their characters and become more efficient in the various multiplayer modes. The announcement comes from the official Twitter account of the game and offers no reason for the move, although it is probably linked to the recent problems that have affected the online infrastructure of both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Basically, the two services were down over the Christmas period because of attacks coming from a third party and many gamers were unable to connect and play their favorite titles, many of which were running special events or promotions. In Battlefield 4, the big event was offering double experience and gamers now have another week to take advantage of the offer and kill as many enemies as possible. The fact that both DICE and Electronic Arts are trying to keep gamers interested in Battlefield 4 as 2015 starts might be a sign that the two companies are preparing to announce and launch a new major downloadable content pack for the shooter.

At the moment, gamers can enjoy Final Stand, which takes them to the Russian Arctic region and introduces both new maps and some futuristic weapons.
It’s unclear what another DLC drop for the first-person shooter might contain or when it might be launched. In March, Visceral Games and Electronic Arts are set to launch the all new Battlefield Hardline, which has been redesigned from the ground up with the new generation of consoles in mind. The new title will focus on the conflict between law enforcement agencies and criminal cartels and will offer both a single-player story inspired by movies and TV series and a new take on multiplayer where the focus is on dynamic situations and on fast decisions that can make the difference between defeat and failure.
Hit the Battlefield, PTFO, and Rank up - #BF4 2XP Holiday Event has been extended, ending at Midnight PT on Jan.

All the times in the January 2015 calendar may differ when you eg live east or west in the United States.
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