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Jann Arden has had a tough year—her father passed away in August and her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly thereafter—but the 53-year-old singer-songwriter and author is in remarkably good spirits. A song of yours called Unloved was played on the radio after news of the Paris terrorist attacks was announced.
Once in a while I’ll have lines in my songs that refer to something overtly political.
On stage you sing about love, at home you write about love, but you seldom talk about your personal relationships. Did you feel pushed to get surgery or change your appearance when your hits started to chart? I went to Popeye’s the next day and got some fried chicken and bought some Doc Martens.
One thing that struck me in these posts is that you conveyed that it was such an honour to care for them. The producer [Bob Rock] was quite intent on making that a little more aggressive and he wanted a wall of acoustic sound.
Part of this is that she’s been able to share her challenges in life online, with Facebook posts that have been read by millions around the world. When we start generalizations—like, they are going to inspire a whole generation to go out and get a nose job, a boob job—I disagree.

So many people are trying to guess the reason behind the massive sales of her latest album. Her work of late­—including a just-released holiday album, a Christmas special that airs Dec.
I wrote about him in the same breath as Jesus Christ and other historic figures that died because some did not accept their messages. The story simply asks the question, “What if the devil is the good guy?” and God shows up one day and gives up and says “I quit!” It’s a fantastic book. She recently refused to share a stage with the Kardashians because she felt their message was too superficial. I think when young people have great foundations, good parents and friendships, they are going to understand that [the Kardashians] are not reality. When Insensitive was huge and had gone crazy everywhere, the American president of the record company at the time was giving me a lift back from a function.
13 on CTV and a slew of concerts—continue to highlight her knack for draw inspiration from of all things tragic.
In my novel, I’m writing about a very disturbing love between two mean people, these grandparents who have been married for 35 years who are horrific people, and I write about their strange, complicated grotesque love.
I think it just has a few chords like [Jose Feliciano’s] Feliz Navidad and that song [by Paul McCartney] Wonderful Christmas Time—there’s nothing much to it.

All you have to do is take your kids to school, or go to work, or walk across the street or be sitting in a movie.
Terrorism has been with us a long time but as North Americans, we were always used to it happening in Europe or the Middle East. She just passed away but during the time she had stage-four breast cancer, she wrote five novels and had all these outlines made for others.
If that is what they want to do, to make themselves feel better about who they are, then [they should] go for it. The last lamp she gave me had a turtle at the base of it… which was cute but it was missing a leg. You’ll never hear me at a rave, but to be in somebody’s van—while they are driving their kids home from soccer practice—and the kids are complaining about it the whole entire time?
When Zuckerberg launched Facebook it was the beginning of the end and the beginning of the beginning.

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