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Get ready for the return of "Jane The Virgin" season 2 as the series continues where it had left off.
Showrunner Jennie Urman stated via Spoilers Guide, that there will be a lot romance progressing and also a lot of change that will happen within our beloved characters.
She also added that Xo and Rogelio will be at a "real crossroads." Despite rumors that the show might get cancelled, it seems like the showrunner has no plans yet of speeding up the outcome of the conflicts that are happening in the show.

Brett is an actor best known for his roles as Luke Matheson on Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars.
The CW network is still negotiating about it and it might be sometime around October this year that we could get to enjoy the series through Netflix. Brett is quite versatile, plays the piano, guitar, fluent in french, break dances and practices Parkour.

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