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Rafael was born into monetary wealth, yet lacked the emotional care and stability of family. Rafael is attempting to find his place in the world and, as he has recently come to understand better, he is longing for the security of a true family. After talking with his sister, Luisa, to work up the nerve, Rafael is finally ready to accept that he has wanted to end his marriage to Petra for a year. All the while Rafael works through the obstacles in his father's perception of Rafael's potential and gains more and more responsibility with The Marbella.
After focusing on one thing – the future of The Marbella and Emilio Solano's legacy – Rafael finds some clarity[7] and lays to rest the notion that Emilio was anything other than the distant, cold father that he was.
Rafael's father was murdered by Sin Rostro and, though initially focusing on furthering his father's business legacy, Rafael came to terms with his true feelings about Emilio Solano: he was not a good father, and he never put family first – something Rafael himself cares most about. While Emilio was alive, both in flashbacks and episodes, he is condescending and cold toward Rafael, treating him with little respect and refusing to see the potential and change in his son, who also suffered through cancer. Throughout their childhood with an emotionally unavailable father and absent mothers, it appears from the Pilot onwards that Rafael and Luisa have formed a very close-knit bond, in lieu of any other emotional connection in their life.
Rafael is mainly focused on the hotel and proving himself in business in Season 1, whereas Luisa is emotionally adrift, seeking connection and stability in a very direct way. When it got too overwhelming for Rafael to feel as alone and abandoned as he did, he broke up with Jane. Rafael meets Petra Andel at a board meeting called by his father, Emilio, to announce that Petra's fiance, Lachlan Moore, will become CEO of the company.

Rafael and Luisa sit through a dinner with their father, Emilio Solano, who proceeds to tell Rafael what a disappointment he is.[5] On this occasion Rafael also meets his future stepmother, Rose. Rafael gets cancer and while in treatment, has a talk with his sister, Luisa, who encourages him to find a way he could change is life to feel better.[1] Rafael subsequently realises what his life really is and falls out of love with Petra. Rafael tells Jane that he was lost back when he met her and up until he got diagnosed with cancer[2]. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) share a sweet moment in the doctor's office in this new still from tonight's Jane The Virgin. His mother left when he was just 4 years old, and his father was a cold, critical and distant man. His journey now will be one of finding out who he is and what he really wants, once he knows. The confluence of his father's murder, his mother's reappearance and Jane rejecting his impromptu proposal, overwhelm Rafael. Luisa supported Rafael through his illness and Rafael supported Luisa's career as a doctor when she was unable to practice otherwise, due to a history of alcoholism. Rafael's priorities completely shift just before Mateo is born and he is now focused on being a good parent and may eventually focus more on family life.
They started a whirlwind romance in Season 1, weathering very serious challenges – such as the re-introduction of Rafael's mother, Elena Di Nola, when Jane had the amnio to make certain that the baby was okay, Petra's constant scheming, Sin Rostro's crimes in The Marbella, Luisa's relationship with Sin Rostro and Rafael's father's death – with strength and character. In Season 2, after Jane chose Michael over Rafael, then chose Mateo over romance after Michael caused Mateo to be harmed, Jane and Rafael slowly reconnected and started anew – only to be torn apart again.

She makes him a grilled cheese sandwich, they talk for hours about life, hopes and dreams, and he kisses her. He is lost, does not know what to focus on or how to move forward and decides to break up with Jane, whom he feels he can't give everything to[6].
Luisa, however, is still searching for comfort and home, and so the two continue to be divided in their character, though united by shared experiences and blood. Recently, Jane has found understanding for Rafael's actions, and together, through it all, they have managed to always put Mateo first. Elena told Rafael that she took 10 million dollars from Emilio Solano in exchange for staying away from Rafael and Rafael refused to speak with her again. However, Petra recently convinced him to give it another chance, after which he was drugged and sedated by her. In 2014 Rafael divorces Petra after finding out she cheated on him with his college roommate, Roman Zazo. Petra acquired and inseminated herself with a surprising other sample of Rafael's, in the hopes that there might be a chance for the two to reconcile. After Rafael made it clear that they have no future, they have developed a cordial relationship, and Rafael has supported Petra as she faces off with her criminal, murderous mother, Magda.

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