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The University of New Brunswick would like to invite you to Poetry Weekend, a two day celebration of poetry that includes readings by Governor's General and Griffin award-winning poets.
Miercuri seara, 3 aprilie, oamenii de stiinta au anuntat primele rezultate ale unor experimente facute cu laboratorul de 2 miliarde de dolari montat pe Statia Spatiala Internationala. Dupa o cautare de un secol, de cand materia intunecata a fost teoretizata, cercetatorii cauta semne ale prezentei ei, deoarece este foarte greu de identificat, pentru ca materia de acest tip nu interactioneaza cu lumina.
Primele observatii ale cercetatorilor le-au aratat cercetatorilor cantitati mai mari de pozitroni fata de electroni.
Laureatul cu premiul Nobel, Sam Ting, de la Massachussetts Institute of Technology, a spus ca descoperirile ar indica prezenta materiei intunecata si a ciocnirilor din interiorul ei, dar cu toate acestea ar putea fi cauzate si de alte surse, cum ar fi un pulsar sau o stea care emite radiatii prin rotatia ei.
De asemenea, profesorul Michael Turner de la Universitatea din Chicago a spus ca prezenta materiei intunecate poate fi demonstrata prin doua elemente : o scadere brusca a pozitronilor si acelasi flux venind dintr-o directie constanta.
Proiectul de pe Statia Spatiala era sa fie anulat in 2005, cand NASA nu mai avea fonduri pentru el, dar 16 natiuni s-au aliat pentru un efort comun de cercetare. Materia intunecata este un tip de materie doar teoretizat pana acum, care ar ocupa mare parte din masa totala a Universului. Potrivit modelului lui Planck, masa Universului este formata din 4,9% materie clasica, 26,8% materie intunecata, 68,3% energie intunecata. A fost pentru prima data teoretizata in 1932 de Jan Oort, iar in 1933 de Fritz Zwicky, care cauta masa lipsa din Univers. In momentul de fata cercetatorii cauta dovezile practice ale existentei materiei intunecate prin mai mult experimente. Puteti vedea o explicatie a materiei intunecate in video-ul de mai jos oferit de TED si tinut de profesorul Patricia Burchat de la Stanford.
O alta explicatie asupra materiei intunecate poate fi gasita prin acest episod din emisiunea „The Universe”. Preotii cer interzicerea trupei Dark Funeral la Bucovina Rock Castle: „Nu avem nevoie de aceasta trupa satanista. A new composite image of M87 features X-rays from Chandra (blue) and radio emission from the Very Large Array (red-orange). This massive galaxy contains a giant black hole at its core that is producing massive jets of energetic particles.
The interaction of these jets with surrounding hot gas has similar properties to the recent eruption of an Icelandic volcano.
This image shows the eruption of a galactic "super-volcano" in the massive galaxy M87, as witnessed by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and NSF's Very Large Array (VLA). The cluster surrounding M87 is filled with hot gas glowing in X-ray light (shown in blue) that is detected by Chandra.
However, radio observations with the VLA (red-orange) suggest that in M87 jets of very energetic particles produced by the black hole interrupt this process. The interaction of this cosmic "eruption" with the galaxy's environment is very similar to that of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland that occurred in 2010.

In the analogy with Eyjafjallajokull, the energetic particles produced in the vicinity of the black hole rise through the X-ray emitting atmosphere of the cluster, lifting up the coolest gas near the center of M87 in their wake. Thanks, you are right that the jets are moving at relativistic speeds, but these are also supersonic speeds. Astronomers use both "hot gas" and "plasma" to describe the hot atmospheres in galaxy clusters and other objects, so we have adopted the less technical term. This is an interesting idea, but a lot of evidence supports the idea that M87 contains a supermassive black hole at its center, just like many other galaxies including our own. Could the volcanic activity here on earth in Iceland be directly related to that activity in galaxy M87? According to Newton's physics, every particle in the universe has an effect on every other particle in the universe. I think all this information coming from these observatories like the Chandra x-ray observatory and Hubble are very interesting. These jets lift up the relatively cool gas near the center of the galaxy and produce shock waves in the galaxy's atmosphere because of their supersonic speed.
About M87, in this photo we can see the horizon of the massive black hole, but what is not normal is the form of the base a tornade form and the sense of x-rays they are aspirated instead of ex-pulsed, in center many star exployed, I think two or three star in same time, we had to review our models or a new type of black hole like a worm. In the constellation Virgo (the maiden), a Zodiac constellation visible in both Hemispheres. Chandra X-ray Center, Operated for NASA bythe Smithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryThis site was developed with funding from NASA under contract NAS8-03060. Some poets in attendance are: Jan Zwicky, Steve Noyes, Patrick Warner, Stewart Cole, Matt Tierney, Mat Henderson, Sue Sinclair, and Nick Thran.
Actualizati cu un alt browser sau instalati Google Chrome Frame pentru a vedea site-ul corect si complet. Detectorul, care cantareste sapte tone, se numeste Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer si analizeaza particulele din spatiu. In loc sa identifice particulele direct, echipa de la Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) a incercat sa deduca prezenta materiei intunecate prin coliziunile ce aduc cantitati uriase de energie si amprenta pe care o lasa in urma, scrie „The Guardian”.
Aceasta descoperire coincide cu teoria conform careia atunci cand particulele de materie intunecata se ciocnesc, se distrug in procesul numit anihilare si se obtin pozitroni. Cu toate acestea, datele AMS nu sunt destul de complete pentru a ajunge la o concluzie definitiva.
Problema cu ea este faptul ca nu poate fi vazuta cu ajutorul telescoapelor, nu emite si nu absoarbe lumina sau radiatie electromagnetica. Astfel, ei incearca acest lucru prin acceleratoarele de particule cum ar fi Large Hadron Collider sau prin experimente cum ar fi AMS. With Eyjafjallajokull, pockets of hot gas blasted through the surface of the lava, generating shock waves that can be seen passing through the grey smoke of the volcano.
In M87 we cannot see the horizon of the black hole and in fact this has never been observed in any black hole.

It's not obvious, but it's interesting that the speed of sound in the hot gas in galaxy clusters is hundreds of miles per second, so it's much higher than the speed of sound in the Earth's atmosphere. In discussing the analogy, we describe several similarities between the eruption in M87 and the one in Iceland.
Note that material can escape from a black hole as long as it is outside the event horizon. I wish you insert an icon for each of these pictures to be forwarded to friends and those who interested in this. I am in fact sure that at one time there was even a big debate going on about the apparent superluminal nature of these jets, which has since been disproved. Readings will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30, at 11am, 2pm, and 8pm in Memorial Hall, UNB.
In plus, experimentul de la bordul Statiei Spatiale Internationale are nevoie de timp pentru a-si arata folosul. Existenta sa poate fi evidentiata doar cu ajutorul efectelor pe care le are asupra gravitatiei si prin ciocnirile de particule din interiorul sau.
Because of its relative proximity we can see the *effects* of M87's black hole in more detail than usual. Obviously the amounts of energy and the physical size are very different, but that only makes the analogy more interesting.
Also, jets have been seen around many different types of object that have material falling onto them, including stellar-mass black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs and young, solar-type stars.
Can gravity really be restricted to the speed of light, given its ability to influence the very path that photons travel? I was half expecting something specious, but their are sound likenesses in appearance and underlying activity. To avoid appearing to endorse commercial goods or services, posts containing URLs may not be published. This process can be seen in a movie of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano where the shock waves propagating in the smoke are followed by the rise of dark ash clouds into the atmosphere.
Finally, the observational evidence for black holes is considered to be strong by most astronomers, even if it's not yet watertight.
The next generation of space telescopes will give us even better clarity of these distant wonders. To use, a volcano is a disturbing miss-use of analogy at the energy levels of galactic events.
It would be more informative to note that a black hole is still a highly theoretical construct, and has never been observed.

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