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However, if you don't like disturbances and cannot handle the heat during summers then you MUST indeed NOT take the sleeper but the AC coach. How much is the cost (rough idea)Sleeper coach is a tad bit expensive as compared to 2nd sitting. 3E (3rd AC economy class) 3E is a comparatively newly introduced coach mostly found in Garib Rath Trains. In the night the middle berth is opened and the person with middle seat has to sleep on it.

However Compare Infobase Limited and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. Not only does it is the cheapest reserved seat in Indian railway system but also has more number of seats and hence easier chances of reservation.
In this class of travel you'll find friendly middle class people of India, students and even people from smalltowns and villages. These trains do not have any stops though it stops for change of crew and catering purposes.

Fresh air and light is plenty!  You can however close the window by both glass and metal shutter. But some irresponsible passengers keep it open not using it as emergency but a leisure window to get more fresh air and open view.This is the most common train coach in India.

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