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The gallery features the sail expedition to the volcanic Island Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean in 2012. Norway's only active volcano Beerenberg is located on the island, and Jan Mayen is dominated by volcanic formations. The Arctic fox was earlier the only numerous mammal on Jan Mayen but excessive hunting nearly led to its extinction. Jan Mayen has been known to sailors for a long time, and in the 17th century Dutch whalers established whaling factories on the island. Though Jan Mayen has most likely been known of since the Viking Age, evidence of human activity on the island dates back to the 15th century.
144 delineates Jan MayenA?s natural and cultural conditions, the environmental threats to the island and its surrounding waters, and recommendations for further investigations. The Dutch established land stations for whaling, which were gradually abandoned after 1634.

As recently as 1985 there was an eruption from the volcano Beerenberg (2277 m) on the island - the worldA?s northernmost volcano above sea level, and Norway's only active volcano. The waters surrounding the island are normally icy from February until April, but this varies from year to year. Hooded seals and harp seals have important breeding areas north-west of Jan Mayen, and some years even near the shores of the island, due to ice conditions. The report, written in Norwegian, states that the main local environmental threat is the Norwegian Armed ForcesA? waste disposal site on the island. Research activities date back to 1882-83 and their remains are still to be found in Maria Muschbukta, protected according to preservation regulations.
It was a rather relaxing 5 days with rest and recovery and socializing with the 18 inhabitants at the military base. The climb of the legendary Beerenberg remained, which is featured in part II of the Jan Mayen  gallery.

Other threats to Jan MayenA?s natural environment are long-range transported pollutants, climatic changes, and a danger of excess fishing of marine stocks. In 1921 Hagbart Ekerold established the first meteorological station on Jan Mayen, and the following year, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute annexed a part of the island.
For additional details, see the previous trips section, the Jan Mayen blog updates as well as the published written account (in Norwegian) from the sailing magazine seilas.
The two most commercially valuable marine resources around the island are shrimp and Iceland scallop. In 1926 the Institute annexed the whole island, but it was not until 27 February 1930 that Jan Mayen was incorporated in the Kingdom of Norway by law.

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