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This is Gnostic Warrior Radio with Podcast number 3 where we discuss the pursuit of Gnosticism using both ancient and modern gnosis techniques such as science to not only KNOW THYSELF, but also to MASTER THYSELF. Today we have the pleasure of having a discussion with Gnostic Media's (Yawn) Jan Irvin.Yawn is an author, producer and creator.
It’s one of those situations where you just have to go outside and look up now and again and pay attention.
For someone to look at Chemtrails or whatever you wish to call them and say they are benign or unrelated phenomena are blind and willingly ignorant. It’s your work on Wasson that has demonstrated so well that our enemy created both sides of 60s culture, the pro-war government supporters and the anti-government hippies.
I’d call it equivocation, and not just a matter of scale, because what you show in your photographs is the opposite to cloud seeding in many ways.
In response to 1:07 (Occulting knowledge by the few to control the many) Notice how our media is not reporting on the Education strike in Denmark with teachers protesting the Governments demand of them to work more hours each day because it is an example of the power of the many in conscious action. Enter your email address in the box on the right to receive a free copy of the Bulletproof Diet, the Bulletproof Shopping Guide, and much more! I mean this in a most sincere form of respect and honestness, and I hope for an honest and positive consideration of my reply. I feel that I have came away from this discussion with Dave with a confused Idea of what the Trivium Method was, how we can use it, and why we should. That being said, I feel like either Dave knows exactly what the differences between the Classical Trivium, and the Trivium Method are— and he was using red herrings, conjecture, and irrelevancies to throw an otherwise very aware Jan Irvine off his track. Im not positing that ALL technology is bad or harmful, we must be careful of what it actually is doing. An aspect of Neitzsches idea of transcendence in short, was organically though overcoming inner as well as outer obstacles.
A lot of the idea of a collective transcendence via tech for the 30 something generation comes from Ray Kurtwiel, of course. It makes sense that people want God like control;as they are being controlled by people who think they are God.
What’s up with all the negative reviews of this podcast on Dave Asprey’s website? There’s something ironic about watching a guy who wears glasses (technological extension of vision) and a headset (technological extension of hearing) talking into a microphone (technological extension of voice) tell me to be skeptical of transhumanism. Have you ever had someone post on a thread you created who is mean to everyone trying to have a conversation - name calling and ridiculing, or just plain lying about the information? If you can say yes to any of the above questions, you’re likely a victim of paid online cyber-bullying: trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents. After going through many hundreds of friend requests each month on Facebook I've learned to spot many, not all, but many paid cyber-trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents. The more Facebook and internet users learn to identify paid trolls, gang-stalkers and counterintelligence agents, the less we all have to deal with them. Trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents waste billions of your tax dollars to intentionally mislead you on serious public matters. Trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents waste huge amounts of your time in productivity, etc. Learning to identify trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents, and expose them, we lessen their cost and impact on the rest of society.
By exposing trolls, cyber-bullies, and counterintelligence agents, we also expose their misinformation and attempts to mislead us where correct information for proper decision making is of great importance to everyone. While this article focuses specifically with Facebook, many of the tools provided here will be relevant across the internet: on Youtube, Twitter, internet forums, news feeds, etc. At the end of this short article I provide additional study materials on trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents, et al., for your continued study. The basic psychology of the paid internet troll, gang-stalker and counterintelligence agent is essentially of someone who gets off on kicking over sand castles and trying to destroy what others build. Most trolls and counterintelligence agents seemingly have no talent or ability of their own, or at least they haven't fostered any - but lying, cheating, and misleading – and various other forms of sophism. Note: Often you may have to first approve the friend request before you may see the details of their account.
3) Many trolls and cyber-agents will use loads of those cheesy, thoughtless, cliche images - the ones with all those cheesy New Age, Vegan, environmental (and many other) quotes and all. 5) On their walls, trolls, gang-stalkers, cyber-counter intelligence agents typically don't write anything on their posts.

6) Many trolls and gang-stalkers friend each other and their friends will often have similar type profiles. 7) Sometimes looking for Hermetic, Kabbalistic, Crowleyan, and other forms of occult and Masonic type symbolism helps to spot trolls and counterintelligence agents.
1) Being the first poster on a new thread, and will typically post up irrelevant information, or snide comments to prevent others from commenting or following the thread. 3) Scripted comments will typically attack the presenter with name calling, ridicule, and other fallacious attacks, or just any bit of irrelevant nonsense.
Learning and memorizing the trivium method and the logical fallacies is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family. 4) Many will try to befriend you, and then when you present information they'll try to distort what it actually says, or try to make you feel stupid for thinking it - even if the facts are right in front of you.
5) Gang-stalkers and cyber-bully agents will often harass other members on your friends-list. 6) Trolls and counterintelligence agents will often try to keep you in the conversation, pretending that they really care. 7) Counterintelligence agents, trolls, and cyber-bullies, love to hide amongst those who’re misinformed so that they can continue to mislead them – and it gives them a cover - hiding in plain sight.
1) The first line of defense is checking each friend request over carefully before you add them. Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists: Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.
Also, if you’re hesitant to unfriend or block someone who meets some of the criteria Jan mentioned in his article, a telltale sign that you made the right decision with the block is that the disinfo agent will cry fown and go off crying about censorship and free speech. Funny that Greenwald, one of the most famous and fatuous trolls, ham-fisted sock-puppeteers and bullies that ever there was, with his benevolent backer the illustrious Omidyar, is providing such interesting and, ah, colorful slides. Word and end up right into the arms of your dream love, your "Twin Flame" in Paradise for Eternity! Stars that people idolize and many of the bosses people break their butts for have, indeed chosen Satan. Walking Midst Earthlings in the Twenty-First Century parallels with and diverges from the original story. An online journey to explore the true nature of what it means to be a Gnostic Warrior and how to walk the gnostic path. Furthermore, I don’t appreciate your attacks on the tens of thousands of eye witnesses, not just here, but also at Tragedy and Hope, etc. Nationwide schools except for Universities are closed as the unions stand up for their workers. It’s amazing how everyone has different thresholds it took around 6 grams of Fresh mushrooms to have it speak to me as you talked about. He hosts the popular Gnostic Media podcast, and has done much to expose ongoing CIA programs, such as Operation MKULTRA – the reality of which is only now coming to light – 40 years on.
If you want your question to be featured on the next Q&A episode, submit it in the Podcast Question form! Have you ever had someone who contacts everyone on your friends list and tells them lies about you? I've decided to share this information with the public to help you identify them as well, if you too are experiencing the problem. Please share this article with everyone you know so that we may all benefit and prosper by the identification, and especially removal, of these counterintelligence infestations.
They’re psychopaths and pseudo-psychopaths (-someone under the influence of a psychopath), and, surprisingly, they’re quite often paid for misleading others online.
Often because of their lack of talent or ability, as with most socialists, they take jobs with the government. If they do have what appear to be family photos, check their upload history (they should not be all in one day, etc) and make sure that they show consistent places, dates, events, people, etc., and that places, dates, events and people match up. This is because “intelligence” is all about the “occult,” so these types often show off their knowledge of the occult like some high school girl seeking provisional self-esteem.
Trolls, cyber-bullies, and counterintel agents will nearly never say anything intelligent about the material itself. They may send your friends direct messages, name call at them, talk shit behind your back – such as try to win them over with some made-up lie that they’re spreading about you or your work. Again, it’s a psychopathology and provisional self-esteem issue, their own and the victim’s - which they love to prey on.

By learning the trivium method you can learn the tricks that are being used against you and protect you and yours. Learn as much as you can about the reality of these disinformation types - often paid for by your and other governments. Do you enjoy kicking over sand castles and doing absolutely nothing productive with your life? But here I am because I will not get an opportunity to write a blog for February 29 for another four years! It seems that Emanu'el's main message here is that passion is more important than intellect.
I was not able to rescue her because she could not see that she was enslaved, or at least she didn’t seem to care. A path where we not only explore Gnosticism, but also who we truly are as humans, our true past histories, where we are going and expose the teachings of the secret societies who operate their lights from within the shadows. Gordon Wasson over the theory on the entheogenic origins of Christianity presented in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross.
Con trails to stay around for hours and spread out into grey clouds that I’ve witnessed countless times after seeing planes specifically spraying. They have also seen planes flying BACK AND FORTH, and not just over crops, but over cities. All it did was confirm intuition I already stuck to , just solidified things but it doesn’t make things easier, just clearer. Well known for fact checking and principled verification, Irvin shares his insights on critical thinking, common sense, and psychedelics.
Jan has done over 200 radio interviews (on other programs), has been featured in several documentaries, and has produced many documentaries and videos himself. You can also ask your questions and engage with other listeners through The Bulletproof Forum, Twitter, and Facebook! Have you ever had someone who just about every time you post a new thread they’re the first to reply - posting nonsense, or attacks? Even if you aren't, the tools here will be useful to you and your friends to help identify these potentially unsavory types in the future. Like telemarketers, it's not about original thought, so they stick to a script - what I call "Sticking with Stupid". A willful idiot, usually within 15 to 20 posts, will often begin to consider your information rationally and will actually study it and comment on it - constructively. Sometimes you may just let your other friends know privately to block someone you’ve identified as a troll. Where will they get the practice now that TV-news has gotten believable again, in a very wrong and too real sense?
You can use your red herrings and ignore the evidence all you want, citing everything else except going through the material itself and showing point by point how it’s wrong.
Or did you just dismiss everything claiming it’s an equivocation with no evidence for having done so? Have you ever had someone make repeated comments to a thread while never seeming to stay on topic? But their psychopathology leads them to think that they're doing good by manipulating, rather than uplifting, “the herd,” hence trolls and counterintelligence types are more often than not paid by governments.
If you see long, thoughtful, original, well thought out comments, it's likely not a troll or counterintelligence agent, at least not a low level one anyway.
Their script says name call, ridicule, lie, etc, but it doesn't say consider any fact or comment you've raised rationally.
There were commercial jets that flew over, that I have in the same series of photos, that left no trail that stayed for more than a few minutes.
These types are usually under-educated, often high school drop outs or university students (or at least seem so). If it was created this year and also has the below signs, you're almost assuredly dealing with a paid troll.

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