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Only about one third of shipping companies were aiming for energy savings of 5 per cent or more, suggests the new DNV GL Energy Management study. Although energy saving enjoys a high priority within most of the companies questioned, with three quarters of the participants naming fuel savings as a topic of high importance, in many cases shipping companies have not formulated ambitious savings targets. Dr Jan-Henrik Hubner, Global Head of Shipping Advisory at DNV GL – Maritime, notes that many companies may lack a complete picture of the potential rewards of enhanced energy management. Of the companies that did set themselves improvement targets, nearly one third of respondents fully or at least largely achieved targets they set themselves for 2014, with almost half achieving between 25 to 75 per cent of their targets.
A promising development is the rise in awareness of performance monitoring as a key part of improving energy efficiency.

By far the greatest contributors to energy savings in 2014 were slow steaming, hull and propeller cleaning and voyage planning optimization, well-known practices that require little investment. Jan-Henrik has his background from Industrial Design and has also studied two years in France. It is based on the input of 80 shipping companies and includes ship managers, owners and operators in 24 countries.
Even as the share of companies with no defined target decreased to 28 per cent, down from 44 per cent in 2013, few had set themselves the goal of reaching half the level of performance improvement attained by the top performers in the industry. Only 25 per cent failed to reach one quarter of the performance targets they had laid for the year.

Reliable data collection, monitoring and analysis gives companies continuous transparency on energy performance and enables them to identify obstacles in the way of realizing their targets and the ability to proactively improve ship performance. And even with the recent drop in fuel prices, cost continues to be the main driver for change with some 80 per cent of respondents naming it as their main stimulus for action.

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