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Harvey is possibly best known for her starring role as Jan Howard in the British TV drama Howards' Way, from 1985–90, in which she ran a fashion boutique named Periplus. Jan Harvey starred in the 2010 UK tour of Calendar Girls and is set to appear in a second run of the show in late 2011. In the second part of our interview with Jan Harvey, Kieran Kinsella talks to Jan about her more recent work. In 2002, you appeared in another popular show called Rockface in which you played a doctor in the Highlands of Scotland. We would be climbing for an hour and a half before we even got to where we were going to be filming. The show was growing and growing and then Channel Five decided to pull the plug on it, which was a huge shock, and I had never gone through anything like that before. Away from your acting roles, you also run your own company ‘Jan Harvey Presentations.’ Tell me about that work. TEAM GB’s medal mission was back on track yesterday – spearheaded by the brilliant Brownlee brothers.

LOVE Island's Olivia Buckland may be back on screens sooner than you think – if she has her way. Gains were limited, however, as the dollar firmed and oil inched up from earlier lows, pointing to a slight cooling of the risk aversion that lifted gold 1 percent on Friday. She has also guest starred in many other high profile British dramas including A Touch of Frost, Inspector Morse and Lovejoy.
Then at the end of the day we had to climb an hour and a half down the mountain again so it was very tiring and also very dangerous. From a professional perspective, how does the nine until five type routine of a soap compare with doing lots of one-off shows or short-term projects? It was extraordinary, because it was thoroughly enjoyable even though in terms of workload, doing five episodes a week is intolerable. It was very tough filming there and it was very hard to do the climbing and the weather was against us during the first series.
If you had a major storyline, which I did quite often when I became a regular, then it is an enormous amount of line learning and an enormous amount of scenes to film each day but it was one of the happiest gigs that I have ever done.

For the second series we had better weather and people were more confident in doing the climbing and everything else.
Everybody knew that we were being asked to do the impossible but we became very close with the script editors and producers and became like a family. It was a bit like being at war really, because if you did not pull together then your boat would go down.
That show was the first time that high definition cameras were used on British television so the crew were very excited about it on a technical level but it was quite a grueling shoot. Social Breaking News Most Popular Celebrity Big Brother OVER after Chloe Khan’s WhatsApp revelation!

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