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Sir plz tell me -18 year par suru karte policy & last year mai suru karte polcy to bhi Same benifit milta h essa kyo. SR AGAR 55.YRS KE BAAD BHI DHARK JINDA RAHTA HE ,TO KYA 55.YRS KE BAAD ISKA BENEFIT PENSION KE ROOP ME MILEGA ,AGAR HA TO HAR MAHINE KITNA MILEGA???
Meri age 30 year hai agar mai Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana account kholta hu or 50 year tak 330 Rs per year fees se renewal karta hu uske bad mai 51 ki age me agar mar jata hu to kya mere family ko claim milega..?
Manish Chauhan 70 CommentsI recently was reading about Jan Dhan Yogjna and came across some really nice posters created by their team which is used to educate public in their financial literacy camps.
I request you to read what I have written for each of them (don’t skip them) to benefit most from them. You always have two kind of expenses, essential and nonessential and whatever income you earn should first go into expenses which are extremely essential in nature like food, house, education, Medication etc . There are people who have invested their money in land, which is locked and now they are struggling to pay high education fees for their children. The next poster shows the simplicity of financial planning and how easy is it to implement.
I love this poster most because I know most of the people can relate to it more than other posters.
If you see the image above, you can see how poor people get in debt cycle, the easy availability of credit from sahukar or friend in their village makes sure that they are always in that debt cycle, because anytime they need money, they can get it (at small level) and the interest they pay does not look huge (because it’s in rupees terms) like Take Rs 1000 and give back Rs 2 every day , that is bloody 72% per year. Most of the people live as if life will always be great and they will always see happy days in life just because their current situation is awesome. Most of the people I came across have tons of personal loans, credit card debt, car loan which is not helping them build anything in life, it’s mainly for their consumption .
Today’s article was a bit basic in nature, but I would say its very important one which builds foundation of every investor. Thank you very much for spending your time and energy to educate us on such important matter.
1) If you assume the inflation and rate of return to be same, then you need to invest twice the amount than that shown in the formula (Rs. 2) If you assume the rate of return to be twice the inflation, then you can invest exactly the same amount (Rs.
I never started till 35, because I was constrained by the support system in the family, their impact on me and my family. To me, above was a learning in financial planning that is learnt for life, so future generations have more freedom to decide what they need to do. Thanks to site like jagoinvestor and the internet as it exists today, we can share, so others benefit too. I have taken the print of entire posters and gave it to my wife to learn about the savings. Since the target audience for these schemes is a low strata of the society, it is not advisable for those belonging to the middle class or upper middle class, whose life insurance needs are much more. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced three major social security schemes which would an an extension to Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). The Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana will offer Rs 2 lakh cover in case of death of the policyholder.
The Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana will offer a renewable one-year accidental death cum disability cover of Rs 2 lakh at Rs. The schemes target the poor and unorganized sector that are neither covered by any form of insurance nor get pension for support after any tragedy.
A person in the age group of 18 to 50 and having a bank account is eligible to join the scheme before completing 50 years. The payment of premium will be directly auto-debited by the bank from the subscribers account.
It will be offered by LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) and all other life insurers who are willing to join the scheme and have tie ups with the Banks.
Risk coverage is divided in to two categories, one is for accidental death and full disability for which total Rs. Any person having a bank account and Aadhaar number linked to the bank account can give a simple form to the bank every year before 1st of June in order to join the scheme.

These schemes will be managed by all Public Sector General Insurance Companies and by all the other insurers who are willing to join the scheme. Will this cover be in addition to cover under any other insurance scheme a person already has?
Yes, it is over and above any other policy a person already has covers that one can have but please note that this insurance cover for PBJJBY & PMSBY will be capped at 2 lakh only. No, in case of multiple saving bank accounts held by an individual, the person would still be eligible to join the scheme through any one savings bank account only, it means one cannot enroll for more than one Pradhan PMJJBY or (PMSBY) policy.
Since the target audience for these schemes is a low strata of the society hence it is not advisable for middle class or upper middle class person whose life insurance needs are much more. For the right financial planning, one need not buy anything which does not fit its plan, more importantly insurance plans which were always a pushed product and driven with high commissions. Overall it is good for people who does not have any insurance and needs the most in its true sense.
The most important part is the claim settlement, the basic purpose a person buy an insurance policy. To sum up, I would again like to highlight a very important fact that never think that Insurance companies are in the business to do Charity, it’s a business and business is always done to earn profit. Most probably those accounts opened part of MNREGA and other campaigns.~46,000Villages have bank branches. On looking those posters, I was really touched by its simplicity and how powerful they are to install basic foundation lessons.
I know some of you might feel, these points are not for you, but trust me – many of you need them as much as others. If you see the porter above, it shows you a pot which in its bottom has all the essential things and all the non-essential things come about it.
There are parents who are saving for their car, even before they have any money accumulated for their kid’s school fees.
Needs , which needs to be taken care of no matter what you do and you have to spend on those things, no matter what, like education, food, health, medicine.
Things like expensive clothes, entertainment, holidays – which is something where you have to define your limits. Despite it looking basic, millions of investors don’t follow it and get into trouble.
Please continue your efforts to help those who desperately need such guidance as, sir, everyone does not have a true guide on financial matters to hold his hand and help him pass his life smoothly. As elders, it is our duty to guide our children and make sure they learn from our situations.
Ideal answer is NO you should not take it , but if your situation does not allow you that, then what will you do ? The Bank is aimed at servicing the poor who don't have access to traditional banking systems. 2 Lakh would be provided and the other one is for partial disability wherein the cover amount that would be provided is Rs 1 Lakh. He can also prefer to give a long-term option of continuing in which case his account will be auto-debited every year by the bank. If one opts for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and if death happens through natural or accident till subscriber is 55 years of age nominee will get Rs.
Why I am mentioning this point is that when I visited my bank last week, I was offered a single page form for these schemes wherein I was just supposed to sign and everything will be taken care by then and my policies will be activated.
It will also help government to get some funds in the bank accounts which were opened under Jan Dhan Yojana but still lying without a single rupee. These schemes might get business volumes because of a very low premium but such pricing will not be sustainable in the long run.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! There were many posters in the PDF file I saw on their website, but I picked 6 posters which I was to show you and teach you some important and foundation lessons on money. The above poster is created from a poor person’s perspective, but there are big things to learn .

You should make sure you spend on these things and don’t cut on them provided you have the money for these things.
You don’t have to cut them out of your life, but always remember how much you need to spend on those things. I want you to send this article to at least 5 people you know are starting their career, or you feel need some foundations in personal finance knowledge. Had I started a PPF account at age of 25 years, it would have matured by time I was 40 and used to buy house. Moreover, there is a serious doubt on settlement of claims & handling claims and other service related issues because of the assumption that there will be large volumes. I know this looks too basic thing and its assumed that even a fool knows this, but reality is very different.
Whatever is your future need, write it and then find out how much you need to invest on a monthly basis and then DO IT .
You have to REDUCE your spending on these things if possible and then at last there are VICES, which are bad for you, which destroy lives in long run. When their career started, they bought a bike on EMI , or they swiped their credit card because they need loan for some not so important purpose in life (and many times, very important) and then from that time, till date they are paying the EMI for some of the other purpose. Bank account holders in the age 18 to 50 years are eligible to take this facility; the life risk cover will get terminated after 55 years. If one enrolls for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) and death happens due to accident then Rs. So choose insurance very carefully because the cover these policies provide seems to be too small if we consider the thumb rule of life and accidental insurance, which 10 times of annual income for life insurance and 5 times of annual income for accidental insurance . Only some of the bank branches might be able to handle claims and not all any other branch can be approached for claiming the money. Since independence, they have launched many initiatives for financial inclusion- Bank Nationalization, Regional Rural banks, cooperative banks, Banking correspondence agent, Swabhiman, Swavlamban, Microfinance, No-frills account, 25% rural branch rule, Bharatiya Mahila Bank and so on. You will see lots of parents who have spent 30-40 lacs on lavish wedding of their children, who are now struggling to even buy a house. There is no extra ordinary thing done by those investors who always meet their life goals, all they do is properly save with discipline. Smoking, alcohol , gambling etc which give a pleasure in short-term, but should be totally cut out from your life. Thanks for the shopping mall culture which actually surviving by exploiting this weakness of people.
Good back end team needs to be appointed to handle these policies after its complete roll out and delivery. Most of the people in lower strata of income always remain poor mainly because of these vices.
One side when one has to save and grow their money, people in debt cycle are actually doing the reverse. So, they’ll lose the benefit due to inactivity.Why this secret condition?Because insurance money doesn’t fall from sky. Monthly income ~2000 rupees.As a result, they quickly lose interest in this game, being some other side jobs.
Reply shardoolbrother PMJDY is basically for those people who doesnt have access to banking yet . U already hold a saving account thats why bank has refused to open another saving account for you under this scheme. The question is- Inspite of criticisms can Jan Dhan Yojana achieve what other Financial Inclusion schemes from RBI and Govt.

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