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The year was 1996, and sadly, eight mountaineers lost their lives on Everest, the tallest mountain on the planet.
Though you'd think Arnold-Hall would steer clear of mountains, she's had some surprising, even brave experiences, like trekking to Everest's base camp when she was just 10. Having endured such a tragic loss, we couldn't help but ask her why she thinks people still climb Everest in spite of the risks. Though she felt like her mother had filled her in on all the details about her father's life, she claims that watching the movie made her even more proud of his accomplishments.
We couldn't help but wonder if Arnold-Hall thinks she's inherited any of her father's traits. Though she did climb Mount Kilimanjaro with her mother, she doesn't think she'll be doing a ton of mountain climbing in the future. Fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne (C) pumps his fist after receiving a Spirit of California Medal from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) during the California Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at The California Museum in Sacramento, California December 15, 2008. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Jack LaLanne, a one-time sugar-holic who became a television fitness guru preaching exercise and healthy diet to a generation of American housewives, died on Sunday at age 96, his daughter said. She said her father had remained active until a few months ago, including the taping of a recent public TV special. He preached the gospel of exercise, raw vegetables and clean living long after his contemporaries had traded in their bicycles for nursing home beds.
LaLanne was born Francois Henri LaLanne on September 26, 1914, in San Francisco, the son of French immigrants. In desperation when he was 14, LaLanne's mother took him to hear health lecturer Paul Bragg, who urged followers to exercise and eat unprocessed foods. The young LaLanne swore off white flour, most fat and sugar and began eating more fruits and vegetables.
Without bothering with patents, LaLanne designed his own exercise equipment, which he had built by a blacksmith.

She created the web series She Blinded Me w Science to encourage young girls to explore science and technology.
Her mother, Jan Arnold, was pregnant with Sarah at the time of Rob Hall's tragic death in 1996, but due to technology, he was able to speak to Arnold before he died, and told her he wanted to name his daughter Sarah.
I imagine that standing on top of the world and realizing that you got there with your own two feet must be unbelievable. A typical workout would be 90 minutes of weightlifting and 30 minutes of swimming, changing his routine every 30 days.
He said he grew into a "sugar-holic" who suffered terrible headaches, mood swings and depression. By age 15, he had built a backyard gym of climbing ropes, chin-up bars, sit-up machines and weights.
In 1951, he started using television to get the first generation of couch potatoes to try jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups.
His daughter, Sarah Arnold-Hall, chats with us about mountains and the father she never knew. It dawned on me that people saw my father as someone who was respected and loved both in the Himalayas and back at home in New Zealand.
I hope that it shows that with enough experience, a regular person can attempt something as challenging as Everest. I think that I have the drive and passion to achieve my goals like he had, but it's not directed towards mountaineering at this point in my life. In 1984 a 70-year-old LaLanne had himself shackled and handcuffed and towed 70 boats 1.5 miles in Long Beach Harbor. I would definitely like to go back to Nepal and base camp, to see Everest as an adult, possibly to rebuild my father Rob's memorial, which is likely to have fallen during the devastating April 2015 Nepal earthquakes," said Arnold-Hall.
I am different from him in the sense that his whole life was immersed in mountain life from a young age, whereas I don’t have one specific passion that I have followed through from childhood.

In the catastrophic 1996 season, Arnold would have accompanied Hall on his Everest expedition, but she was pregnant. Two months after Hall died on the descent from Everest, she gave birth to their daughter Sarah Arnold-Hall. In 2002, Jan Arnold married German cabinet-maker Andreas Niemann and currently resides in Nelson, New Zealand.Everest jason clarke talks about rob hall universal pictures MountaineeringHall grew up in New Zealand where he climbed extensively in the Southern Alps. As with most other mountain climbers, Hall and Gary Ball sought corporate sponsorships to fund their expeditions.
The partners decided to climb the Seven Summits, but upped the ante by summiting all seven in seven months. Starting with Everest in May, they climbed the last mountain, Antarctica's Vinson Massif, on 12 December 1990, hours before the deadline. After this success, they realised that, to retain their sponsorship, each successive climb would have to be more risky and spectacular, increasing the risk of an accident. Therefore, Hall and Ball decided to quit professional climbing and form a high-altitude guiding business.Their company, Adventure Consultants, was incorporated in 1992, and quickly became a premier expedition guiding company.
In October 1993, Ball died of high-altitude cerebral edema, leaving Hall to run Adventure Consultants on his own. Although the price of a guided summit attempt a€“ US$65,000 a€“ was considerably more expensive than those offered by other expeditions, Hall's reputation for reliability and safety attracted clients from all over the world.
Rob Hall was well known in the mountaineering world as the "mountain goat" or the "show".1996 Everest disasterAdventure Consultants' 1996 Everest expedition consisted of eight clients and three guides (Hall, Mike Groom and Andy Harris).

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