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If you have large video files, this is one way to make sure you can upload them to your WordPress Media Library rather than directly to your server. Caution: If you make a mistake in your code while modifying a PHP file, saving the php file may result in your site becoming temporarily unusable. Scroll down to the Install Default php.ini section and check mark the “IonCube” and the “SourceGuardian” boxes.
Increasing your upload limits in WordPress will enable you to upload large files to your media library including videos. The largest range of tutorials with code for modifying StudioPress child themes, Genesis & WordPress. I just create php5.ini and put it in the root of my directory, after some time it tooks effect. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged wordpress or ask your own question.
In a business where staff churn is costly, should I let employees lead and request their salary increase? WordPress is no far from errors but there are few common errors occur that can be fixed by using php.ini file. We are going to discuss the possibilities to overcome this situation and exploring various solutions in this article. If you go to the media manager section of your WordPress, you will discover the maximum file upload limit set for your website. First off, you need to login to your SSH panel area by using the credentials you have given by the hosting company.
After opening PHP configuration Editor, you will see a lot more number of parameters where the changes need to be made. Select common options from drop-down menus when you need to modify this general option page. When you are making changes to the global level, it affects the entire websites on that server since the global file means apply to all the websites on that particular server. Subscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources, sent out twice every month.
WordPress’ new built-in media players make it a powerful platform for streaming video and audio. Before you even start trying out different solutions, it can be useful to try and get some details about how PHP is configured on your site. Now that we have a little bit of info about our PHP set-up, we can try a few different methods for increasing our file size limit. If you Google around for ways to increase your upload limit in WordPress, you will probably stumble across a variety of answers. From the root directory of your server, you are looking for the folder that your php.ini file is located. If you are unable to find your php.ini file, or if your web host does not give you access to it, you may be able to upload your own file to override the default settings. Once again, I am setting my upload limit to 64MB, but you can change this value to whatever you want. Then, FTP into your site again, and find the root directory where your WordPress files live. Once again, if you have the ability to restart your server you should, then clear your browser and site’s cache.
Fortunately, you will have access to your php.ini file in MAMP, you just need to know where to find it.
Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that you may need to try before you can increase the upload limit on your WordPress install. I would think that unless your wordpress is on a vps or dedicated server then you would be better off using soundcloud for audio and vimeo for video.

In fact, wouldn’t hosting video and audio on your site break many many hosting sites terms of service for Acceptable Use Policy on shared hosting plans?
Still a great post for those with the correct amount of server resources to dedicated to audio and video hosting! And also, if you are uploading vast files to your webspace, potentially you are slowing down your entire website, eating bandwidth and disk space and using up the server’s processor resources crunching your insanely-huge image files.
If you are running a small business website, you probably already have a computer that is more than capable of doing the resizing before you upload, can handle batching, renaming all the rest of it. Hey guys – I may be missing something crucial here, but the limit has uploaded fine on my server (onlydomains) however its still showing as 2MB in WordPress itself. All the work-around solutions on the net did not help with my Powweb server, however thanks to this article I was able to locate the information on Powweb to change my php.ini script through their OPs control panel. Despite trying all methods (beside contacting the webhost), I found a small workaround that may help in some instances.
In my case I needed to upload some large pdfs, and needed them to be listed in the media list due to a pdf viewer plugin. I need to change this but don’t feel comfortable trying all these methods until I find the one that works. To overcome this error you will have to increase the PHP import limit by editing the PHP.ini configuration file.
Search for keyword upload_max_filesize or visit the line number 800 and adjust the value of attribute upload_max_filesize to the value you want.
Now refresh your PHP application or PHPmyAdmin application and try to import your file again. Making changes to the limits in your php.ini file can increase limits for max file size upload and post max file size. Prior to editing php files, be sure to have access to the file via FTP or File Manager so that you can correct the error and always take full backup of your WordPress files and databases before editing. If you are NOT familiar with editing php files then i suggest you contact your web host who should complete this for you.
Php.ini is the file that can help fixing a lot of issues and one of the common is uploading file size. In this step by step guide, I will help you to overcome this situation and find various solutions and different levels. These changes will affect the configuration and in case if you don’t see any parameter you can chose basic mode to edit the file.
But you might notice that your WordPress install has a prohibitive maximum file size for uploads. How you actually go about increasing the upload limit of your install depends on how your server is configured. Then, FTP into the root directory of your server, where WordPress is installed, and drag in info.php. You will simply need to ensure that this number is as high or higher than the upload limit you want to set. To find this file, FTP into your site, and go to the folder that your WordPress install is in. We will be modifying a few values, so you will need to search through the file to find them. When you are done, save your file, and drag it back to the directory where your php.ini file is located and overwrite the existing file. To confirm whether or not this method worked, go to Media -> Add New and check to see if your maximum file size has increased.
Changing this has the ability to cause an Internal Server Error or a blank white screen, which can easily be removed by simply re-uploading your original htaccess file. If you are on a Mac, you may be using MAMP, a local server that gives you access to Apache, MySQL and PHP.

He is the founder of Tidy Repo, a curated list of useful plugins, and maintains many active WordPress sites.
Yesterday I did another local install and was trying to upload a theme and had the error message for maximum upload limit of 2mb. My website is all about photography and I often encounter upload issues during multiple upload of images.
If you still receive the error message about file size limit then you may need to restart your entire IIS service.
If we want to handle databases of size more than 2 MB then we will need to increase the Max File Upload size. To move your site from one host to another you will need to move your databases too, but as the max upload limit is just 2MB we get struck here. I don't know the actual reason behind it but it still works for my older wordpress sites which I never updated from last year. You may see some provider may offer 2MB as an upload limit and the other slight up and down.
However, it can also be used to change PHP values, if your PHP version is set up as an Apache module.
Then, you can go to Media -> Add New to see if your maximum upload size has taken effect.
So after searching the web found a solution to modify the php.ini file which worked a treat. And if you’re having trouble with customers downloading those large files, get a dedicated IP address. Tried a few plugins but then they interfered with the php.ini files on the server and made my website inaccessible until the issue was fixed by the hosting server support team. If you import try to import such backups from some interface such as PHPmyAdmin then you will get an error that the file size exceeds the allowed limit.
This way changes will take effects for only that particular individual website you are wanting to. This article will step your through this configuration so that you can find the solution that works for you.
If you are unable to locate it, trying searching through your web host’s knowledge base to find its location. You can go higher than this, but it’s not recommended that you go higher than 128 MB. If your hosting service will not let you, or are unresponsive, it may be time to find hosting elsewhere.
Make the changes outlined above, keeping your eye on the four variables that relate to the upload limit in WordPress. I have of course used Google to search an explanation, and found ways of bypassing this constriction (changes in function.php and htacces file) but they are old blog posts. PHP configuration is no simple task, but with the meda-rich abilities of WordPress, it may be necessary for you to do so. And I wonder if I follow these recommendations will my readers who download the ePub or Mobi eBooks get a Anti-Virus warning? By default, this number ranges anywhere from 2MB to 128MB and dictates how big an uploaded file can be. Some of the tips outlined here will require you to know which version you are running, so take note of it. If you find yourself on the smaller end of that scale, you may want to increase your upload limit to accommodate larger media files.

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