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A long-drawn-out loading site can lessen the reliability of your business, increase user frustration and lower quality perception, which leads to a considerable drop in the sales revenue of your business. You can make use of Photoshop’s feature called the “Save for Web and Devices” or other photo compression software in compressing your images. Busted links that result in 404 or 410 errors are to be avoided; they are just wasting your resources.
You can employ links just like “click to watch video” in order that your users who prefer to watch the video will simply click the link while those who do not wish to do not need to do whatever thing at all.

A webpage built below than 50kb HTML code loads a lot faster among smartphones and tablets, giving it an aggressive advantage compared to tedious slow-loading web pages. Once a visitor requests an actual content from your page, then the CDN next to the user’s location will be used in order to serve the demanded content. Even though premium CDN hosting is somewhat expensive, it can definitely enhance your website’s load time. When employing a CDN, ensure that the whole thing is setup appropriately so as not to misplace some SEO value on your website.

You can also use PHP caching which essentially tell your site to load during the first visit of the user and then stores your website content within a cache for further usage. It simply means that when a user who has previously visited your website loads it up once more, the recovery of contents will be faster.

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