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I'll be using Photoshop CS6 here, but this tutorial is also fully compatible with Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). Next, let's add one of Photoshop's Solid Color Fill layers to use as the background for our effect. Photoshop will pop open the Color Picker so we can choose the color we want to fill the layer with.
Release your mouse button when the highlight bar appears to drop the Fill layer into place between the two image layers.
With the Type Tool selected, go up to the Options Bar along the top of the screen and choose your font. This next step isn't absolutely necessary, but to help us see the text as we're adding it, let's set our type color to white.
With your Type Tool selected, your font chosen and your type color set to white, click inside your document and add your text.
Learn all about working with type in Photoshop with our Photoshop Type Essentials tutorial! This clips the image on Layer 1 to the text on the Type layer below it, meaning that only the area of the image that sits directly above the actual text on the Type layer remains visible, creating the illusion that the image is inside the text.
If we look again in the Layers panel, we see that Layer 1 has been indented to the right, with a small arrow pointing down at the Type layer below it. All that's left to do now is to move and resize the type, and we can do both of those things using Photoshop's Free Transform command. Subscribe to our free newsletter to get all our latest tutorials and articles delivered directly to your inbox! Today, I’m going to show you how using brushes and different adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop CS5 you can create abstract wormhole background. Click on Add a layer style icon from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Outer Glow. Insert the mask on the same layer by choosing Add layer mask on the bottom part of the Layers panel and choose the Soft Round brush of black color (set Opacity to 60% in Options bar). Next we have to make a copy of the very first layer containing the dots and the last made layer painted with #FFB5D9 color.
Make a copy of the last made layer, set Fill to 50% for this layer and change the Blending mode to Hard Light.
Use this brush to represent a spot on the bottom part of the canvas and in the point containing the rays’ focus. Now we have to apply Smudge Tool to blur out the spot to get the same result as on the next picture. Create a new layer again and select for it the Soft Round brush mentioned in the previous example of white color to paint the indicated zones below. Insert the mask on the layer by choosing Add layer mask on the bottom part of the Layers panel and choose the Soft Round brush of black color.
Click Create new fill or adjustment layer from bottom part of the Layers panel and click to Curves to adjust the curve shape as shown to make a little color corrections. Click Create new fill or adjustment layer from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Color Balance to change the overall mixture of colors. In the Adjustments panel, select Midtones.

Create a new layer and select on it the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to fill the layer with yellow color. Tick the Vibrance box and select a brush size that covers the area of the colour you want to adjust and set it to 0% Hardness.
Paint with the tool over the colour in your image you want to improve, You should see the saturation of the colour increase, adding more life to the image.
This tutorial will explain how to use simple photos of a rose and some leaves, to create a beautiful velvet roses text effect. If the tool does not add a point somewhere, usually in the very narrow corners, you can click to add one. Duplicate the Rose layer and make the original one invisible by clicking the eye icon next to it.
A simple trick that can help you easily select the roses without the need to search for their layers, is checking the Auto-Select box in the Move Tool Options bar, and choosing Layer from the drop down menu. Also, you can flip the roses Vertically or Horizontally or both, by typing -100% in the Height and Width fields while you are in the Free Transform Mode.
Duplicate the Leaves layer, scale it, rotate it and move it around to add leaves under and between the roses.
Once you’re done, group the roses and leaves layers together, and call the group Roses and Leaves. If there are any extra parts you want to get rid of, select them using the Move Tool first.
Finally, add a Curves Adjustment Layer, without a selection, as this will be used to modify and blend all the colors together.
But you definitely can post any questions you have here and we’ll try our best to answer them. Today I am going to share very attractable gold shiny text effect and also giving free of cost, you can download psd file as a free and can use for private or commercial. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create one of Photoshop's most popular and classic effects - placing an image inside text!
If you're using an older version of Photoshop, be sure to check out our original Placing An Image In Text tutorial. Go up to the Layer menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen, choose New, then choose Layer via Copy. Since our goal is to place an image within the text, generally fonts with thick letters work best. If your type color is already set to white (or some other color you can easily see in front of your image), you can skip this step. I'll choose white just as I did before by entering a value of 255 for the R, G and B options.
With the Type layer selected, go up to the Edit menu at the top of the screen and choose Free Transform.
I’ll lower the Opacity of the drop shadow from its default value of 75% down to 50% to reduce its intensity, then I’ll set the Angle of the shadow to 120°. That's how to easily place an image inside text thanks to the power of clipping masks in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud)!

Remove the mask of the copied layer of the very first layer with the dots and put together both copies (hold Ctrl button, select them both layers and press CTRL+E to Merge Down). Select Preserve Luminosity to prevent changing the luminosity values in the image while changing the color. Also, a couple of Adjustment Layers and Layer Style will be used to enhance the colors and the depth of the final result. Negative values will contract the selection inwards, which will help get rid of any unwanted edges, the value used here is -50. Scale the image down while holding the Shift key to retain proportion, you can also rotate it and move it around. Just keep in mind that you can scale the image down, but scaling it up will give a pixelated result. Hope this helps, but if that’s not what you meant, then please feel free to add another comment. It is harder to control how the roses are distributed along the path, and a brush can’t give the same details an image has.
As we'll see, thanks to the power of clipping masks, placing any image inside your type with Photoshop is simple and easy.
If you want to resize the type without distorting the original shapes of the letters, hold down your Shift key as you drag any of the four corner handles. In this case create a new layer above the made layer and select both layers (hold Ctrl button when select the layers). Drag the slider to increase Green and Blue colors also decrease the Red color in the image.
In the Character panel (Window -> Character), set the Tracking value to 75 to increase the space between the letters. If you want larger images, go back to the original Rose layer, duplicate it, make the copy visible, and scale it down. Take your time with this step, it is the most important part of achieving a nice looking final result. But as the leaves will be scaled down those edges will not be as noticeable, also, we will be adding an Inner shadow later on, so you can just skip the redefining edges part as well. This psd file is fully editable format, just select the text layer and change the name of your’s …, and if you need to change styles values partially then change it anything whatever require.
He loves so much to create all type of designing and has excellent knowledge in all kind of design roots.
Suppose if you scale the text then probably you have to increase the style values in the layer blending option.
Finally, this is optional, but you can set the the Feather value to 0.3 for a bit more subtle smoothing.
This is great looking of gold shiny text effect in photoshop, its really gives very effective style of your any text design as well , Just download this best gold shiny text effect psd file in below…and enjoy!!!

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