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One of the many helpful accessories Windows 8 offers, Microsoft Paint offers basic graphic and photo editing without you having to purchase expensive specialty software.
MS Paint is one of those image editors and painting tools that comes bundled with every version of Windows and is somehow overlooked by the users. Do you have the notion that you have only four choices (left image below) when it comes to selecting the size of brushes, pencil and shapes border? Sometimes we start with an artwork and realize at a later point that a specific color that we have used doesn’t look appealing in the picture.
Most people think there is no way whatsoever to render the background transparent on MS Paint. Cool Tip: With the replace colors tip you can change a differently colored background to white and then apply this tip. These are few basic and interesting tricks that may lure you into using this otherwise neglected tool.

This was very helpful, especially in making the brush sizes bigger, because none of the others said you had to use the plus sign on the number pad. For users who opened up Paint in Windows 7 and couldn’t figure out how to adjust the size of brushes, erasers and more, fear not.
Next to the Clipboard group is the Image group, there you will find tools to Crop or resize your image. Click the select box, you can also click the pop out Select menu to choose a free form option. The eraser tool works like a brush, and it replaces color in the image with your chosen background color, which defaults to white. People often misunderstand its minimalist interface as an inefficient tool and use it only when they have no other option. That’s correct to some extent, but if there is a white background you can always make it transparent.

Simple, just hold the Ctrl key with the + button on the num pad to increase the brush size. Now select the Eraser tool (you can also increase the size like above) and rub the image while holding the right button of the mouse.
Hovering your mouse over the image shows you the current eraser size so you know whether to go smaller or larger.
Hover again after you pick a different size to ensure it's right for the job before you click to engage the Eraser tool. To change the size using a keyboard shortcut, use Paint's shortcut for changing a brush size after selecting the Eraser tool.

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